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May 21, 2007



Great recapping, Rich! Maybe you could pick up Top Chef Miami in June? Or, hell, just do more Winston posts...


Thanks Rich,

I forgot to Tivo and missed the last episode.
This is so much better.

Will miss ANTM but really look forward to PR.

love u


Thanks for another great season, Rich


Thanks for another brilliant seas--erm, cycle of recaps, Rich.

Truly, you do the lord's work. (read: Tyra's work, natch)


i can't believe you didn't mention that natasha feels herself american again!! but great recap! oh how i loved this season....


Rich, Oh no you di'ent say you don't like Shalamar's "The Second Time Around!" That song is a jam! Please take it back. If not, I will have a fatwah issued on you, STAT!
I do like "Make That Move", but come on...Shalamar could do no wrong until Mickey what's his name and that other chick joined the group. "Dancing In The Sheets" sucked!


Thank you again, Rich. Your work is much appreciated.


Brilliant as always.


great recaps Rich!


oh rich... such joy you've brought to my mondays. all my co-workers have discovered your recaps via my disgusting raving...and love it. can't wait tilt he next vag-a-licious cycle.


oh, you're so marvelous. yay antm!


Thanks Rich,

I forgot to Tivo and missed the last episode.
This is so much better.

Will miss ANTM but really look forward to PR.

Plus, we read you no matter what ur blogging. Bring it on.

love u


thank you for the recaps, they made Mondays seem not so bad.


Thanks for a great season of recaps. I was much happier with this cycle than with the last so I'm a bit sad to see it go.

But, they replayed Cycle 1 on MTV this weekend and seeing Elise again gave me tiny chills. Very tiny. Insect sized. It made me realize how much better ANTM used to be when all were jammed together at a very small table.

I would appreciate another mix soon. My music is stale and boring me lately.


wonderful recaps!
why does tyra look more like a drag queen as this show goes on?


I was waiting for you to mention the vag-arms. Wait for it...wait for it... :-)


We love you Rich!

James Derek Dwyer

Thanks Rich- it's been fierce.

Xena, Warrior Weave

I like Jaslene, but it was clear from day one that the Sesame-Street-political-correctness ethics that govern the show meant she would win. They kept getting mad when she wasn't being "spicy."

Since a conspicusouly white girl won last time, they needed to change it up. Natasha doesn't count. That's way too subtle for ANTMs crayon-rainbow notion of cultural difference.

To keep the pluralism "fierce," they'll have to have a paraplegic or Little Person win next time. OK, maybe just a plus-sized girl.
A plus-sized half-Mexican, half-Iranian chick with three kids and a metal plate in her head from an incident of abuse to be revealed in an Abstract Expressionist painting challenge.


my day has sucked and this made it better woo!


Lots of love for you, m'dear.


September can't come soon enough. You're great. Thanks!!


I feel ANTM, just like American Idol, is going lower and lower in the level of quality in the people they find. We want the train wrecks and freaks, but when it comes to picking a winner we're left feeling unsatisifed.

Rich, I did the AIDS Walk in Manhattan this past weekend. Got my pic taken with Tim Gunn (he was walking with Revlon). I was hesitant to go up to him but he yelled out "Unless you're a fashion designer, don't be worried!" All of your comments about Project Runway flashed before my eyes. You need a special P.O Box address for your fans to send you pics and bits of pop culture we've run across.


I'm going to miss the recaps. Any way you'd consider recapping Canada's Next Top Model? Jay is the host afterall!


I'm surprised that you didn't comment on the fact that it was so two-faced of Renee to tearfully tell Natasha to "win it for the mamas" after practically stabbing her in the back for being "fake" and not wanting her to win.

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