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see you in hell, old man! *shakes fist*


Nope! Glee-based reactions for everyone around here!

oi vey

the whole office broke out in "ding dong the witch is dead!"


The man danced on so many graves during the AIDS crisis, outright bleated it was a just God giving out punishment - at a time when compassion, patience and understanding were sorely needed. He blamed 9/11 on homos and feminists, insisted that the anti-Christ would be a Jew and that God doesn't listen to Jewish people. He was gleeful in his utter bigotry and the hate and anger it fostered. I don't feel anything in particular about his death. Any death is sad, really. But he will forever stand as a perfect example of what "Christian Values" were and are in this country. The only thing I am genuinely bracing myself for is the inevitable whitewashing of his sordid, evil history. You watch. They'll paint him as merely "controversial" or "outspoken". Only the gays will remember who this man really was and what he represented - a truly, truly ugly segment of this country.


Good Riddance! I am sure it is God's way of saying Fuck You.


No...I think "aweomse" bascially sums it up.


Awesome, awesome, awesome. He hated homosexuals. That's enough of a reason for me to dance on his grave. Period.

Crazy about the girl

I wonder if his followers will rip the casket open and tear his body apart, in pure Iran crazy-crazy style.


I don't really have reactions of glee to anyone's death, not even Saddam Hussein. So no, I didn't have a gleeful reaction. *shrug*

Jason Carr

Death couldn't have happened to a more deserving asshole, if you ask me. Does that make me a horrible person? Maybe. But Falwell's blatant hatred of anyone and anything that went against what he perceived to be "righteous" made him an even more horrible creature. The man certainly wasn't a human being.


No glee, just relief. And sadness that in 50 years, some kid who's just being born now will be there to take his place with all of Fallwell's bilious bigotry, and then some.


I wonder if Fallwell is blaming his death on the gays...or that one gay valve in his fat engorged heart...


I probably wouldn't say 'glee,' if only because there's no way that the evil empire he created will die along with him. but i definitely wouldn't mind seeing the look on his face when he realizes he's actually in hell.


"What a sad, old man you are."

-American Beauty

La Angel

I haven't "Woo-HOOed!!" a death in a long time. Felt damn good.


Well, well, well. The old fart has died. I hope that upon his passing, God gave him a stern scolding, and set him straight as to just exactly who it is that God loves, and what his real values are. And I hope that there was a whole chorus of gays waiting inside those pearly gates, to prove to 'ol Jerry that God DOES lovew them too.


I am too scared of the possibility of a Falwell Zombie to celebrate just yet.


Unfortunately, He missed Dobson when he came to get this asstard.

Poo Cheeks

You've sunk to a new low, buddy.

Queen Lena

Yeah even my dad said, "Thank God. He's a son-of-a-bitch."


I was in the library this afternoon and suddenly a man yelled "Hallelujah, Jerry Falwell is dead!" Everyone smiled and there were a few "Woohoos!"


I hope he gets used to that pitchfork up his ass.

Penny Woods

Wait a minute. He died? I thought that bastard was ageless!

Oh, well. Guess his championship football team never happened in his lifetime!


In the great tradition of Bette Davis, I will say,

We should only speak good of the dead. Well, he's dead. Good.

He was a horrible human being for whom death is not sufficient punishment. I hope it was long and painful, and the minions of Hell get creative with him for a long time to come. My only sympathy lies with his family.


I hate to think that i am happy because of someone's death, but i have no right to take the moral highground, and neither did he. I am glad that he will not be able to encourage anymore hate!!!

And yes, i do hope that he finds a gay disco at the end of the tunnel

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