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May 04, 2007



I've never tried CokeZero -- but I'm pretty addicted to CokeBlak. It's aces.


Dude! Coke Zero fucking kicks ass. And JackDanyells is one hot bitch.

That is all.


1. I was equally dismayed at that penguin movie. I think that this, coupled with happy feet has reversed all of the entertainment and educational value of "March of the Penguins"

2. My boyfriend too is addicted to Coke Zero (Cherry!). How do I make him realize he needs help? Is there some sort of internet support group?

3. When I was 13 I wanted to shave lines in my eye brows like the Daddy Mac from KrisKross, but my mom would let me so i started parting them and brushing them toward the middle (I dont' know, to be different) and over 10 years later they have never recovered.


"cross like Ramona Quimby." omg i love you. i want you and slutmachine to be my bffs.

Coke Zero is the balls. I'm a total pusher: I've addicted my boyfriend and several co-workers to the stuff. It's far less gay than diet coke, btw. I think they're actually marketing it to straight men as an alternative to diet coke because dc is too faggy. Note the manly black can and the blocky lettering of zero.


Oh my gaaaaaah! I love Coke Zero!!! I'm not obsessed with it as of yet - I'm still deep into diet black cherry vanilla coke - but I always grab a bottle when I can. It is hard to find, everywhere, not just in Brooklyn. I think I love it because it tastes like what I remember Pez tasting like.


I like your random posts even better than Winston or recaps. So that's what I have to look forward to when I quit smoking finally, diet drink addiction? NOOOOO!!!


1. If YouTube encourages beefy men to cavort around shirtless, I'm all for it. Keep on keepin' on, YouTube. A friend turned me on to this site: www.youtubex.com today, apparently it lets you download videos from YouTube onto your iPod. Would be cool if it works.

2. COMPLETE AND TOTAL DIET COKE FREAK. I drink about 5-8 a day and, like you, Rich, completely panic when I can't find any. Also, like you, I quit smoking 2 years ago and I think we are exchanging one addiction for another. Well, actually I KNOW we are. Oh well. Also, I am an editor and spend a lot of time in front of a computer. That fuels it. I haven't gone to Coke Zero because for some reason, I loves me the Diet taste of Diet Coke. Odd.

3. Wax the brows and pencil them in arched really high in a look of permanent surprise. Instant face lift!


I am totally addicted to Coke Zero. It's like crack in a can. I have a case in my office just to get through the week. Viva Coke Zero!


Coke Zero is just wrong. Diet Coke and Diet Coke Plus are where it's at - Diet Coke Plus is even "good for you" (i.e. it has a couple of vitamins in it).

Other than the precise type of sugar free beverage you are addicted to, I feel your pain.


Is your mystery film "Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters"? Sounds pretty darn trippy to me: http://www.kgordonmurray.com/f09.html


Ramona Quimby.
The smell of hardbound books.
Beautifully arched eyebrows.

Rich, I know you're gay and I'm 100% supportive of that but I still have a crush on you. If we were in junior high I'd write your name in a heart on my notebook. Just sayin'.


I don't think it's the Red Riding Hood movie, but it's very much in that tradition. It's the same tradition as the only MST3K episode I ever became obsessed with: the Russo-Finnish fairy tale Jack Frost.


Damn you and your beautiful eyebrows! Why do men have to get all the pretty stuff and women have to pay to fake it? You guys all have pretty eyelashes and arched eyebrows but I need mascara, a brow pencil, and a session with my threading torturer to achieve the same 'no makeup' flawlessness that guys have. I wonder if boys are the pretty ones and if girls are just trying to look like boys? Or maybe boys are trying to get us to look like them! Sorry for the random crazy thoughts, it's been a long week.


I always thought I was alone in my Coke Zero addiction! We should start a support group for this shit.
Hi, my name is Lisa, and I'm a Cherry Coke Zero-aholic.


Could that film be the ever-elusive "HUGGA BUNCH MOVIE"???



I so feel you, Rich! I'm drinking a CHERRY COKE ZERO as we speak! I haven't had liquor in 58 days. Believe me-my new addiction is Coke Zero- in a wine glass with dinner!


I had a horrible reaction to that Diet Coke Plus. It was like taking vitamins on an empty stomach-blech


I have wanted to try Coke Zero. Glad to know it's as delicious as I hoped. Also, if you like that retro cartoon style, you would probably like Peter Bjorn and John. You're probably already familiar with them, but they have this cute, old fashioned kind of folky sound you might not like, but the video is great.


Naw. I actually have a copy of the Hugga Bunch movie. I do remember the witch in that movie being similar to the witch in the movie that I'm dying for, in a bitchy-hot kinda way.


1. My partner had the same reaction to Diet Coke Plus as Ladybug - ick.



Rich you must stop with the Diet Coke. I too had a similair addiction but I quit because Diet drinks make you fat. Actually they bloat your stomach and intestines and can ad inches to your waist. After I quit and just drank moderate amounts of regular Coke I lost 2 inches off my waist in a week!

Hugga Bunch big faces like moon, will not miss!


Holy crap, Jack Frost is the greatest episode of MST3K of all time.

I think I just fell more in love with you. Why are the good ones gay and taken?


I too become cross when the local shady convenience store has no Coke Zero and/or Cherry Coke Zero. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

I too feel the need for CZ.

Something about it's seductive black packaging drives me wild. And the TASTE! OMG. I used to be all "just-for-the-taste-of-it-diet-coke" but CZ tastes great, has a richer, less watered down flavour, AND produces more impressive belches. DOH.


OMG, how embarrasing. I totally meant "its", not "it's".

Rich, for some reason I find myself wondering whether you dig Brock Masters?

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