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Karen V. Stefanini

Is it possible for fans to set up a bank account for a college fund for Swan? Any suggestions.


I can't think of anything I'd like to READ more than you interviewing Swan.


i am in tons of pageants. i am in the national american miss pageant and love the videos a lot. i think swan looks better with her makeup off. but she is still adorable.


The "13 year old girl" is actually Tami Lynn Leppert, who disappeared in the early 80s. She was 18. Google her. You'll see that same photo as well as others. There are several articles about her and she's on many missing persons forums.


Oh, sweet Jesus. If God loves me at all you will get an interview with Swan and post it complete with photos and video. Then all will be right with the world.


oh i put all 9 vids up on my buzznet as soon as i read yer post about living dolls.


First off, that's NOT Swan in the now picture. Her family is trying to keep her life extremely private since her parents passed away.
He mother Robin died shortly after the documentary was made and Swan and Devon were sent to live with their father in Alaska.
Just last year, Swan's father died as well.
Very tragic for the 2 children but they are doing well and being raised by family members.
They still see Silva often.
Please just let them be. They've been through enough.


that is NOT Swan Brooner. That is Tammy Lynn Leppert, a known missing person. Whoever started the rumor that it was swan is sick


That picture certainly does bear an uncanny resemblance, but the people in that particular LiveJournal community honestly need to check their sources better. I'm sure Swan's no stranger to publicity, but if I were her, I wouldn't want to have my resemblance to a probable murder victim. It's fairly ironic that Tammy was a model/beauty queen, and one of the prime suspects in her case is sometimes known as the Beauty Queen Killer. FYI, Tammy can be seen briefly in Scarface and Spring Break. Also, as a heads up, should they try to be passed off as such, the following pictures are also not Swan:


That photo is not of swan brooner it is of a girl named tammy who went missing, go to this website to find out more!


if u go to myspace and search for swan brooner there is some one pretending to be her, and using that pic. of that girl.


if you google swan brooner you wil see she lives in Alaska. Her local paper lists her recently as being on the honor roll for middle school.

The above photograph is of a girl that's been missing since 1983.


that's terrible... how could someone post a picture of a missing girl like that? it's very misleading. i have been researching swan for some time now. on one of the fan videos on youtube, a user posted a comment claiming to be a friend of swans's. i private messaged them to get more information but she didn't tell me anything really - only that swan doesn't like to talk about her pageant days because it reminds her too much of her mom. i would really love to see what she looks like nowadays and what she's been doing. bless her.


is she still alive???!!

samone pascasieo

Swans mother and father are dead now, and that is not her real picture. I belive it would be disrespectfull and hurting to her if she ever read all the trashy posts about her and the bad talk about her parents.. I feel sorry for her, she is an orphan..... And if you were orphaned would you like it if somone talked bad about your parents and you? She may already want to commit suicide!


This is not the real Swan Brooner. This picture of her at 13 is fake and circulating the internet. This is Tammy Lynn Leppert. Visit and you will see this picture when you type the name. This poor girl went missing when she was 18 in 1983. Also if you compare this pic with Swan's, Swan didnt have a left lazy eye. Come on people...dont believe what you read...

Yubi Shines

This seems to be the real deal.

That actually is not Swan..It is a girl named Tammy (the newer pic)


That's not a picture of Swan, it's a picture of an 18 yr old girl that went missing in 1983.
Here's the link:


That is not a current picture of swan at 18, but strangely it is a picture of a girl who has been missing since the 1980s. Here's the link


I hope Swan & her little brother are doing okay.

It's horrible that they lost both their parents.

I only hope that Silva is doing a better Job at raising them than Swan's mother did.

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