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May 14, 2007



I laughed until I cried. Thank you, Rich.


Poor Dione! I'm sad to see her go...


Awsome as always. I was waiting for vag-arms as well.


I still can't get over the fact that I was "FIRST" ----- holla!


Great recap, Rich, as usual. My fave part of this episode was when Natasha hugged Dionne when Dionne was eliminated and she was stiff as a board. For a sec I thought she was gonna clock her. That would have been ANTM-tastic. Also note-worthy is Tyra's head bob during her "ascent of Dionne" speech. Hilarious. Sarah's tic got nuthin' on that.


first! this is brilliant, as usual.


Thanks, Rich. Always making my Mondays!!!


i was still a bit like wha?! when renee saying "this teach..."
challenge, lesson, anything else.
no "teach"


You're right about Natasha and the critisism. She took it all like a champ.


I LOVE YOU! I anxiously await your posts every week and you have summed everything up perfectly! I will miss "Brown" because for a moment, I thought she had this on lock but i guess i was wrong! Renee gets on my last nerves and Jaslene is awesome. For some strange reason, I think Natasha may win this! The thought frightens me...a lot!

Crazy about the girl

Sorry, Rich, I won't miss Dionne at all. She was very pretty but not exactly a model - none of the other girls are either, but they are just better at faking it. Natasha made it to the top 3 just based on her Natashism. I still think that Renee is awfully fake and a great Top Model for the Crystal Meth Look ("looking old" is the new "omigod, she looks like an used-up junkie!"). I'm not a big fan of Jaslene, but she is very sweet. I cannot wait for this madness to be over...


The Wholahits Album Cover is the funniest thing ever.


Thanks for the recap! I look forward to Mondays every week just for this!


Bye Bye to our little Brown Wholahay....she will be missed.


Rich, you are a damn fool, and I love it! The Underworld reference is claaaaaasic, but you did me in with the Whitney/Wholahay's Hits. While I was watching, all I could think is, "Rich is gonna have a field day with this mess." And you shonuff did.

A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!

Best Recap ever,, love the chopping off of Tyra's head,, if only Cingular would allow Dionne Ringtones !


I think it's not "this teach is," but "this teaches." She's still inarticulate, but...yeah.

A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!

Best Recap ever,, love the chopping off of Tyra's head,, if only Cingular would allow Dionne Ringtones !


You forgot my favorite part of this episode! It also should be on the list of Dionne's most memorable quotes. "I don't wanna do no damn dance!"

Miss Lisa

Bea Arthur is fierce.

Sarah D

thanks for the greatest hits! Dionne will be missed.

You're right, crazy about the girl, none of 'em are or will ever be models, but that's not why we all tune in every week. It's the madness we love!


Rich, your "Wholahits" track 2 is the same as track 3. "Oh Snap" comes out "I was shocked as hell!"

All in all, idk if I'll miss her or not since I haven't been watching!


Can. Not. Believe. The final 3.
But tell me....why hasn't Tyra ragged on Jaslene and Natasha for "broken English" and thick accents like she did with Danielle??? Neither of those girls could be a "spokesperson" for Cover Girl. I'm so over Tyra. When Nik lost I told myself that I would not watch ANTM again (I know...I'm living in the past) but after this season, I hope that I can keep my word.

But anywholahay....Great job, Rich!


I thought Dionne was ridiculous for being so mad. She was always blowing off the challanges, especially this one, she even admitted she thought it was dumb and was just going to do whatever as fast as she could and seemed she to have no idea what anyone was ever trying to say to her. "Something called a scowl" Who doesn't know what a scowl is?


If they all think she is sooo fake why don't they ask her about her life.
Was it fake when she was crying because she didn't get to see her daughter. Is it fake when she is crying to her husband or having phone sex with him?

Dionne had just gotten done telling Brittany and Renee they were fake.

OK enough rant, sorry!

Great recap as usual.


JE-sus Christ jumping on a trampoline. This is epic. The Wholahay megamix made me laugh until I was in an ocean of my own tears. Thanks for almost drowning me, ass. ;-)

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