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June 25, 2007


Nino Noir

That's awesome. I always think that I can carry on a conversation without getting all star-struck 'n' stuff. But then I met Kim Crosby-- well, I all I could say was "God I love your work!" and "Can you sign this?" (my CD of Into the Woods, original cast).



That totally beats the time I saw Tonya Harding at the mall in Portland.


Oh my...do you suppose they were in town to serve as a special limited-run exhibit at the newly opened Ripley's Museum next door?


i've only ever seen them on "nip/tuck," but they were fantastic.


That's really disturbing about the panhandling.

I'm very much hoping that it was post-post-modern subversive performance art aimed at critically literalizing their social position as marginal "others" that are automatically reduced to spectacle.

With Reba's health condition on top of the obvious, though, I fear that they probably struggle to get by. What will happen when they're old?

Jerry Springer should ante up and start a private "fund" from his Barnum-and-Bailey millions to insure their basic comforts. It's the least he can do for exploiting their uniqueness. I've always wondered why there isn't more backlash against him as a kind of evil ringmaster of the abject. Bitch should clean up his ethical Big Tent by sharing with Reba and Lori.


i grew up in reading, pa, close to where they did and i used to see them at the mall now and then. i almost shit myself i saw them for the first time on tv. reba/george will always be dori to me.


I remember reading somewhere that back in the day, circus "freaks" used to make a pretty good living at charging people to come stare at them, but with the advent of modern medicine and the realization that physical deformities have nothing to do with one's worth as a human being, the freaks lost what had been a good job. I had no idea that they lived in NY though.

I once saw Kwai Chang Kane(Kung Fu's David Carridine) in a leather jacket in 90 degree weather in Austin. He looked way more freakish in that get-up than Lori and Reba-George *ever* did.

BTW, love the banner. I can hear Roy Scheider mutter "Why don't you come down here and chum some of this shit.", with that Pall Mall clenched between his teeth.


They had a good article a few years back in (I think) either the NY Times or Newsweek. The interviewer followed them around and at first talked about how independent they were, but then mentioned how some things because of their condition were suffering (ex. slightly shabby kept house, puppy couldn't always be walked so the house smelled slightly like urine because of the puppy pads.) I hope the panhandling thing was a joke.

I totally blank when it comes to meeting celebrities in NYC. Some I don't care enough to say anything, but Tim Robbins walked by and I just blurted out "Thank you for the Shawshank Redemption!" He actually looked grateful I said something.

I would have just said to them "You guys were great in Nip/Tuck" and skipped the name thing. Love the build up before revealing who the mystery guest was Rich! A tower of twins!

P.S. Where's the info on the Pride March? I was there and I want to see drag queens!

me and mine

i sold simon cowell a ps3 yesterday!!!!! It was like meeting a legend.


We all know Keith from PR3 has a tiny dick (which is why he compensates with that ridiculous ego) so, no need to peek. Urkell, maybe a different story...

I have fondness for the twins, especially the one that tried to pursue a country singing career. It'd be very saddening if the YouTube comment about begging for change is true.


They are from my hometown and my mom is good friends with them still I'm shocked everytime I see them.


They are from my hometown and my mom is good friends with them still I'm shocked everytime I see them.


Heh, imagine if, while walking away, you heard the twins mutter "Psst, did you catch the gaybrow on that bald dude?"
And the other one was like "I KNOW! It was all I could do not to stare!"


when i saw beyonce outside a hotel in san francisco my knees gave out, and i fell on my ass in front of her. her smile was like a ray sunshine of happiness that brightend the rest of the week though. my friend showed me the clip of michelle falling on her ass on 106 and Park the next say, and i realized that after all this time, michelle still gets starstruck by being in beyonce's presence, and i felt less stupid




I am clearly going to the wrong branch of our gym at the wrong times.


You didn't check out Stefan Urquell's package? Truly, your restraint is amazing.


Rich, majority rules. Check out Urkel's package, then come back and report. Gay, straight, whatever, I WANT TO KNOW!


I love how even though Reba/George has a terrible voice she just keeps on singing because it is what she loves to do. Keep livin' the American Dream, girl!


I saw them at that same McDonald's on Thursday!
I told my friends about it, and now I have your post as proof! Thank you.
(I work out at NYSC on 41st St. -- let me know if you ever need a spot.)

finding the filth

oh my god! i've seen them too!!

it was years and years ago, shortly after i saw them on some chat show, like jerry springer or donahue, or something. they were coming up avenue A, crossing 2nd street. and they passed right by me. it took every last bit of manners not to turn and gape. not so much at their different-ness, as the fact that i had just seen them on tv, and there they were right in front of me.

i tried telling my friends about it at the time, but they had no idea who i was talking about and made me feel like an ass for getting jazzed over the disabled. thank you for sharing in the delight. i feel better now.

finding the filth

ps - add me to the list of those who would appreciate a sneak shot of urkel's ween. i mean, come on!


Holy Shit! I live right near there and I didn't see them? They are my favorite conjoined twins of all time. And yes, Reba is now going by the name of George- she likes to take on a persona of a young boy and Lori pretends to be the mom. I saw it on an updated documentary on TLC. I am so jealous of you for seeing them!!!!


I empathize with the Schappell twins because I totally know what it's like to be told you are an inspiration constantly. Everywhere I go, it's like "You are my hero." I'm all, "I get it. Now move so I can get my Taco Bell." I have to see this documentary - does it tell you the things you really want to know, like how they get dressed (seriously, how do they get shirts on?) or go to the bathroom or anything, really.

You didn't fag out on Sarah Silverman? I totally would have - "Now, they're FLOOR glasses!" Keith from PR3 most definitely has a tiny ween, who doesn't realize that? I'm thinking Urkell is medium, though could be a grower. You know, like surprise you.


I lived in Nashville not too long ago, and sometimes I would get yelled at by the little person from Gummo (who had the creepiest scene ever with Harmony Korine) while he was hanging out in front of the drive-through beer store at 12th and Wedgewood and I was witing to turn left. I never heard what he was saying, but I'm pretty sure that it was some sort of curse, because those were always my worst days.

Daniel Renzi

But the question is, if you saw the Schappell twins at the gym, what would you do?

I would look at their package, I don't know if you would.

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