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June 27, 2007



Rudy looks so Williamsburg there. He just needs to ride his 80s BMX on the sidwalk real slow.


I am still baffled by Chow Daddy....

trick please

Yay Rudy! Finally gettin' his shine on


Your [fingers]Business[/fingers] travel would not happen to be in LA, would it?


I just want to say that the only thing I love more than Rudy's look is the fourfour evangelista header...FIERCE!


Rudy! He's so cute!


Chow Daddy scared the crap out of me as a child. It's bizarre when you see things years later and the memories flood back.....

Are all these blogs your main job? Just curious.


i love Rudy (which is the best name for anything and everything in the world). thank you for the damp kitty hatred pic.


such beautiful eyes!


FINALLY! A post dedicated to my man Rudy!!!! What a handsome little man... ;)

PS - did he do the "Bathtub Howl"? The Bathtub Howl kills me EVERY SINGLE TIME lol

oi vey

i was just going to ask for more rudy-ness since he never gets as much screen time as winston.... you read my mind!
have fun on "business"


Watch out! That is a kitty that wants to kill you.


He totally does look like he could be the lead singer in a punk rock group. (Winston seems better suited to singing in, perhaps, a polka band.)


Dear God! Every time I think it's not possible for me to love you more, you up the ante. Thanks for reminding me of the existence of Anti Pleasure Dissertation. Recently it occurred to me that, like, all of my feelings about life could basically be summed up by a Bikini Kill 7 inch I owned in 1995 -- I Like Fucking b/w I Hate Danger


Will this pic be submitted to ICHC? I can't wait to see what kind of caption Rudy will get...

(Suggestion: "OK, that's enough gel!")


It could be an "after" photo for the Hair Club for Men!

Or Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver, after he reaches the tipping point and gets a Mowhawk. Watch your back, Rich.


That's definitely Rudy's MySpace photo. Everything, right down the the angle of his gaze, is spot on. Now he just needs some skinny jeans and a really tight T-shirt with a deliberately unfashionable band name on it.

Rich, you know a Bikini Kill lyric! I'm impressed! I always thought I was the only gay man who's ever listened to riot grrrl music with something more than amusement or annoyance. Well, me and this kid I was friends with in high school, who looked more like a cute lesbian anyway.


I read somewhere that putting cats in a bath with warm water, low lights and soothing music will help them relax. I tried it, my cat clawed the crap out of me, and I had wet fur everywhere. Oh well.


rudy looks hawt :D his hair looks all gelled and messy ;o


rudy's rudy. you know? what's to be said. he's awesome.

but... love the new banner. did you cap that from unzipped? i just got that dvd. i'd forgotten how funny it is and SO much better than altman's ready to wear


I'm a new reader and I love your site. Clicking on that "business" link made my day.


you changed my life the first time you mentioned chowdaddy (mr. jay at the final catwalk-off on atnm's finale).
i love chow daddy's twirl of wrist when he says "DESSERRRRRTTZZZ"!


Hey, I added you to my blogroll. Could you take a look and see if my site is worthy to be on your roll? :-)


Your vulgarity is intelligent (most times) and refreshing.

And Rudy is a wet cat, not much to say about that except "awwwww."


the spikes are great, u should get some mousse and keep them lol

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