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June 04, 2007



I'm squarely in the NOT category on this one. I bet he could serve some Diesel hotness if he lost the fro and dropped about 20 pounds, but as-is I'm not feeling it. Even in that adorable funny straight guy way.


There's something charming about him. I'd hit it. :-)


yes! but I've been watching him since Freaks and Geeks way back in the day, so I'm probably biased. he's pretty great.


he looked good to me at the cheesy ol' mtv movie awards. i like my boys rubenesque!


Apatow's humor depends far too much on gay jokes. He can't resist cheap, easy laffs at the expense of gay people and his midbrow/sloping brow audiencein Bumblefuck eat it all up. Hate him, hate his work.


The scruffier he is, the foxier he is, and I particularly like his curly hair.

He's not the blinding hot of your Paul Rudds, but I say "handsome with potential," especially after seeing his bare bottom.


He's not attractive to me, and I live with a teddy bear! I got problems with the hair and the unshaven look - kind of prickly, if you get my drift. I have not seen the movie, but the Boss Man wants to see it when we go back to the States, later this week. I'm just so looking forward to that - not.


End of.

although I only know him from the commercials. I haven't seen the film or anything that he's been in. But i never put thought into my decisions.


He looks better in person (saw him at a sneak preview) and in the film Superbad (which is what the sneak preview was for). I think, like most of us, he's had good hair and bad, and the first picture you posted isn't one of my favorites.


I definitely think he is hot. He was really cute on the MTV Movie awards last night!


I think he's HOT...Me Likey.


I gotta say I'd totally do him. It's more about his personality (he was sooo cute in the movie) than his looks. My boyfriend, however, thought he was yucky. His ass was cute too!


Yes, yes, yes, yes...he is so hot and charming. It's not about being strikingly good looking, but his personality along with his cute looks make him sooo doable.

James Derek Dwyer

hot. sorry- have to put it out there.

trick please

I'm sorry Rich, I surprised myself because I LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVE, this movie! (esp when they're trying to get into the club)

However, I too am conflicted whether I think he's hot. I guess, I think he's adorable. I'd let him hit it ;)


I agree that he's adorable...not so much hot but cute


Hot. I have loved him since he was Ken Miller on "Freaks and Geeks." I loved him when he was Ron on "Undeclared." I am not in love with "40-Year-Old Virgin" or "Knocked Up" but who cares so long as Rogen has a career and more people realize that his sense of humor makes him insanely adorable.


Not as hot as Paul Rudd, but I think his charming nature would make me overlook the butterball factor.


I'd hit it. It must be the jew fro.


If he walked through my office door right now, would I think he was hot? Nah, probably not, at all. I did think he was cute in freaks and geeks, but he's not unique enough looking in the face. Sacha Baren Cohen, on the other hand, yesplsthx!

slut machine

i think he's cute, but i'd rather have his abortion than his baby.


I'd hit it, but be reluctant to tell my friends. He'd be more appealing with some grooming.


Not. I think he's straddling the line between "loser hot" (i.e. Jack Black and Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club) and "nerd hot" (i.e. Jason Schwartzman and Topher Grace). But it may be the fact that he doesn't really belong on either side that makes him just not hot. However, he may be considered sexy-ugly.


How about hot enough for me to consider doing him in a pinch? OK, so it doesn't have to be a desperate situation, he's cute enough, and the chunk isn't overboard, so yeah.

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