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June 09, 2007


hoi polloi

Yup, its part of a wider agenda on children. A faction of those in charge wants to spiritually degrade and debase humans, starting at very early ages. Another faction of those in charge wants to uplift them. Check out my blog. I wrote an article about it



I don't. But I'm only commenting to find out when you're going to post another hot ass mixtape. It's summer. We need a mixtape.


I don't get the whole "you don't mind if we do penguins again, do ya?" bit of it.

I mean lets face it, another crappy animated film loosely tied to a message of self-discovery spares us from another crappy non-animated film loosely tied to a message of self-discovery starring Will Ferrell -- but come on, penguins again?


Hah, I knew this thing was going to be dirty the minute I saw the preview. Damn, I might have to watch it now...

And I am assuming the shriveled cock on the left also ties into the festival of perversion?

Pissed Off Mom (No Pun Intended)

The bitchy little queen bee in my daughter's class invited every girl in the class but mine to see this movie today. HA!!! Love to hear the convo explaining that movie at the Fundamentalist Nazi Bitch's house that didn't invite her!


Why do you think this is a right wing movie?

I don't get it. It just looks like another movie to lure the kiddies.


The penguins will have to adapt to Global Warming or die out like every other species throughout history. Of course, they lived during a much warmer period 1000 years ago and thrived. I think they will manage.

Before anyone tries to go on about it being our fault that Earth is warming up, then explain the warming on Mars and Neptune. Until then, I will treat it like the scam it is. Of course, since owning several trees and bushes over and above my carbon footprint allows me to sell them to anyone interested for a low price. I promise to charge less than Terra Pass, and people can pollute it up secure in the knowledge that they have bought the papal indulgences of the 21st century.


This shit has the same rating as Happy Feet? Are you f**king serious?

I'm officially moving to Canada. Or some other country that can take in crap like this but not have to own up to the fact that they made it.


I second Deege's motion.



okay Rich,
I value your opinion and i will take my 10 yr old to the Surfs Up next week. I will let you know how it went.
Once again I have to tell you I am a 50 year old mother who loves you, but more disturbing is my 78 year old mother is addicted to Coke Zero.
How can you have so much in common with her when I love you so??@#?!@!??


Rich, what drove you to see this movie? I thought you would have seen Crazy Love this weekend instead.


why anyone would make an animated penguiny version of the 80's cult hit "north shore" is totally beyond me.


I saw a preview for this while taking the spawn to Shrek 3 and I was like, "Huh."

Is it okay to say I'm tired of a whole species?


Yeah, penguins are some nasty bitches! For real tho! I was at the mall, yes a mall, in Dallas no less, and they had some penguins on display. Well, my friend and I were standing there looking at them, looking all cute and stuff, and we see this one penguin standing at the top of the pool. So, he gets our attention, and then all of a sudden, he lets out this huge, I mean huge, streaming jet of shit! Right into the pool! Needless to say, my friend and I were both horrified and tickled to death that this penguin had the audacity to take such a huge dump in front of everyone, and at Northpark Mall of all places, in front of Neimans! We cackled for days about that. Awww, good times... good times indeed.



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

Jordan 5

A lot will come out over time but the truth has been out there for a long time as well but that doesn't give you what you want so this dance just goes on and on.

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