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July 03, 2007



Do the transformers even talk? Because it doesn't look like it in the trailer and I think that kind of defeats the point of transformers.


That's exactly what I thought when I saw those awful commercials and tie-ins on Comedy Central and G4.


yes, the transformers talk. actually, the only good thing about the entire movie is that they somehow got the original voice of optimus prime back. but when you hear optimus say "my bad", it's all over.


Brandon H


Miss Kitty

Bless you, Rich. You have saved me $9.50 and two hours of torment.


Good, now I can make other plans. Thanks Rich!


Fuck it, I'm still watching it. I knew this couldn't be good anyway (hello, Michael Bay? I'll just go for the matinee instead.


I'm not even a little bit tempted to see this movie.

It looks almost as entertaining as Superman Returns was. (ahem)


Nick: How DARE?! Superman Returns was the best shit.

I'll see Transformers, but I'd be more enthusiastic if Michael Fucking Bay didn't have anything to do with it. Or with anything else for that matter.


Awwww. No love for Shia? He makes my panties wet. That alone was worth the $9.50.


I know I am going to hate this and I know I will agree with your 10-second review, but I absolutely have to see it. It's just one of those things... Like some family reunion you can't get out of, where all the cool people you might have looked forward to seeing are dead and all you're left with are freakish nuts who want to marry you off. you know? sigh


oh man, i just have to say that i saw the movie tonight and i thought it was fantabulous!

joe back mountain

Saw it tonight, before seeing this. you forgot one thing. The collisions happen so fast you forget who hits what and when.

Terah Belteshazzar

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Whatev, I saw this movie. I thought it was sooo cool.

I'm easily amused though.


The best part was when the guy next to me said "oooh yeeeeah boyeeeee" when optimus prime came on the screen.


Wait, why is some gay-bashing fundamentalist posting comments on your page?


This movie was actually pretty awesome. They do talk and they do sound just like the cartoon. Shia LaBoeuf is the best actor out there, kid, teen, adult, whatever. He makes this movie so much more real. He is tough, dorky, funny, horny, sensitive, smart, just everything the dorky underdog teen should be. He is a tougher John Cusack and more real without all the witty, talk to the camera asides. I will see every movie he is ever in.
He is a hottie and that is kind of sick because I am 31.


It's a summer movie...no promises of it being an Oscar winner. That said, it was a nice trip down memory lane. I mean didn't you get chills when Optimus Prime said "Transformers...roll out!"

PS. I'd let Shia LeBeoff tap this. Three times.


Will still see.


Well yeah, wasn't that what y'all were expecting? I loved the movie but I went in expecting what I got.
Nobody here can tell me that if they saw this movie in 1986 it wouldn't have rocked their world.


Well said Rich. Thanks.


THANK YOU! I thought I was the only person on this planet with that opinion! Rich, will you marry me?

Madame Zenobia

I didn't think it was bad...I thought it 'good' but not great as some fanboys are hailing it.

It's good because:

-cheesy dialogue in about three/four places

-cheesy dialogue in about four/five places

-cheesy dialogue in about five/six places

And then there's a couple of plotholes that I can't quite grasp. But on the whole, it was good....not great, but good. :)


He is a hottie and that is kind of sick because I am 31.

Posted by: Victoria | July 05, 2007 at 03:18 PM

I feel the same way about him. At least he's over twenty, right? At least, I hope he is...

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