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Let me get this straight. The difference between your review and Pajiba's is that Pajiba's says "This movie is shit and you're a terrible person if you enjoy it." and yours says "This movie is shit and I won't judge you if you enjoy it." Right? Isn't that convenient for you then, to get to shit on the movie while deliberately not aligning yourself with the (in your opinion) non-sick non-fucks who will pay 11 dollars and find every penny worth spending?

Look, throw away your money and compare this crap to Greek tragedy all you want, but don't tell me that the masses in the theaters are "divorcing themselves emotionally from it." Do you really think these dudes (yes, I'm going out on the shortest of limbs here and saying that a majority of this movie's audience are men) are just seeing "how far people can stretch the limits"? You seriously seemed surprised to learn that Elisha Cuthbert's character was an idiot. What were you expecting, a Women's Studies PhD, just to drive the point home? This movie is about a stupid cocktease getting what's coming to her, and if you think that people are buying tickets only to see how gross the torture can go and not to get hard-ons over hot blond whatsherface screaming and writhing her scantily-clad ass off you're completely deluded. Shock-value dreck that's never directly caused physical harm to anyone? Sure (so far). Moral fair ground? Sorry, no.

This review coupled with your recent one of 'Black Snake Moan' (in which you made sure to stress how fucking hot the yappy blond torture victim looks) makes me want to forsake this damn blog, antm recaps and all.


ellie: horror film viewers, by and large, identify with the victim. i can't give you the entire argument in this space, but the brilliant carol clover put forth the "final girl" theory in her book "men, women and chainsaws." you can read more about it on good ol' wikipedia:
but i highly recommend reading the entire book to get the full scope of clover's approach to the horror genre. i haven't seen "captivity," but from what i gathered from the advertising campaign and rich's review, (part of) what makes it such an awful movie is that elisha is a lousy final girl, unworthy of audience identification. she shouldn't be a blonde cocktease, she should be jamie lee curtis or even lauren german.


i couldn't put my finger on what pissed me off so much about the pajiba review. i think you cleared up a little of my confusion and satisfied my tummy.


rich, i read the pajiba review and i immediately hoped you'd do a review as well. from the commercials i thought the movie looked totally boring more than anything else. thanks for the review!


Ellie said: This review coupled with your recent one of 'Black Snake Moan' (in which you made sure to stress how fucking hot the yappy blond torture victim looks) makes me want to forsake this damn blog, antm recaps and all.

You forgot the other one - where the woman was hanging upside down and all that other crap. So that brings the count to three lovely editorial comments about how we should be accepting of this type of utter, utter, shit.

I don't come here to read about how swell bondage porn is. I think it's disgusting, and it is NOT intellectual, no matter how good of a writer Rich is or how many literature references are made. People are masturbating the base parts of their brain with bondage porn. They are vicariously getting thrills by seeing a good looking woman get tortured. It is not hard to see that this stuff's foundation is anger towards women. Will it make people go out and kill women? Probably not. But it institutionalizes the acceptance of such things and desensitizes people to violence against women.

Rich, sorry, you're hilarious, but three times, and I'm signing off.


I meant "torture porn", not "bondage porn" - although it seems as though in the movies in question there's a lot of overlap.


good riddance


Yes... Bye!

I still don't understand how movies like this "institutionalize the acceptance of such things". Just because something is done in a movie doesn't mean that society immediately accepts it as permissible OR that people are desensitized when something similar happens in reality. Just because those fools in "Oceans 11" robbed a casino and made it look fun doesn't mean people are accepting and desensitized to grand theft (I love bad comparisons). I'd rather not delve into more heavy comparisons, so I'll just leave it at that, but at some point collectively I think we're going to have to agree that a movie is just a movie, and that if we as a society are going to drastically change our social mores over a genre of film, there are much greater issues at hand.

So if you don't want to watch it, fine. If you don't want to accept it, fine. But seriously, get off your high horse because the arrogant tell-off to save all our souls bit is getting quite old.


kinda funny how you judge pajiba's judging while telling us why we shouldn't judge.

i get your post and all...but it's a funny basis for a blog.



Watching torture porn doesn't make a person a sadistic killer, but I'm sure a disproportionate number of sadistic killers exhibit an interest in torture porn. Lately, I think your analyses of these movies have been less about the films themselves and more about your getting defensive regarding your tastes.

During college, I was always signing up for psychological studies (it's easy money), and they were always trying to get depressed people to participate. One of their screening questions was, "Do you enjoy watching violent horror movies?" If you said no, they didn't call back. They obviously believed that people's psychological problems influenced their tastes in films. Is this idea that hard to accept?

I'm not saying that it's ok to ban certain kinds of films. I realize that not everyone that watches a tasteless movie is going to be a serial killer--I'm sure the Pajiba and the NYT/NYP reviewers also know this. However, to deny any connection whatsoever between the enjoyment of images of sadism and inclinations toward sadistic behavior strikes me as a bit naive.


I'd get defensive too, if people persisted in making outlandishly wrongheaded assumptions about my mental health based on my taste in movies.

John Waters flicks are highly entertaining to me. Does that mean I'm more inclined to eat dog shit?

And just where are these sidewalk psychologists and moral arbiters getting their information on sadistic killers and rapists, anyhow?

Why, television and movies of course.


Oh my. Rich, this is absolutely one of the best pieces you have ever written. Hands down. You hit the nail right on the head; I am in *complete* agreement.

I seriously respect the hell out of you.

Thank you for what you do.

Loquacious Curmudgeon

I don't agree that movies should be censored, or that watching a horror movie makes one a sadist, or any of that crap. It's just not supportable. Even with the completely anecdotal evidence presented here, there are enough opinions offered to refute Pajiba's overly emotional claims about the hidden - or not so hidden - appetites of "torture porn" viewers.

On the other hand, I often do wonder why it always seems to be (at least 9 times out of 10) the hot chick that gets it. I wonder what the reactions would be if it was always the black guy, or the gay guy, or the Jew, tortured in these types of films.

I'm not trying to draw any conclusions for myself by posing that question. Nor am I trying to hint that I think Rich or anyone else who watches films like this is a misogynist or any other type of wacko. I'm just curious.




::Rich, sorry, you're hilarious, but three times, and I'm signing off.::

Honestly if this offends you so much why even click on the link that says "Read more..."? I don't think there's a rule in FourFour that requires you to read every post. So in conclusion, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

I think the whole torture porn genre is played out, just like every other trend in Hollywood, such as 1) Tarantino-lite 2) Ironic Horror 3) Remakes of 70's horror films and 4) Lindsay Lohan as leading actress. Speaking of torture porn, did anybody catch "I know Who Killed Me"? If you did, you suck. Just kidding. But seriously.


You people are too funny. I loved AJ's response the most. And LaSexorcisto if she wants to click the link - and then bitch about what the link says. I'm with Rich - on her right to do so. And I'd have to say that 85 - 90% of you who don't agree with Nancy are MALE and white. Pissoff.


peelbuhg: You can twist statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.

She can bitch if she wants but if she's gonna play the "screw you guys I'm going home" card then fine, she can piss off. And you as well my dear.


Broads are so adorable when they get uppity.


I'm glad to see not *all* the comments are people saying "Rich, you're so funny and smart and adorable and I love anything you say even if you're defending misogynistic bullshit!!!1!" (Most, but not all.) I love most of Rich's stuff too, but sorry, when it comes to this kind of shit, he just don't get it.

...And, by the way, "broads are so adorable when they get uppity" is pretty much the perfect summary of the simplistic, head-deliberately-kept-up-own-ass p.o.v of the kind of person who refuses to acknowledge the sexism inherent to movies like this.



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