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July 13, 2007



Wooow! That's gotta suck. She look like a part of her has died in that picture.
Where's Wholahay? That's what I really wanna know.

felipe anuel

Awww. A wig model. Hell, I guess work is work.

How quickly we forget? For a moment there, I was like who in the hell is Kathleen. Then I remembered she was the one that talked like she was a little touched in the head.


Oh Sara...


sara was my favorite from all cycles
i guess it hard out there for a pimp

when i saw the chilli's comercial w mercedes i wished i had your number to call you rich!


Shandi was on a VH1 special a little bit ago and she's like a professional karoake singer or somethin now? Or just doing the karoake for fun? I was pretty sure she wasn't modeling anymore...poor Sara, hopefully the dude she was counting didn't have a "reversal"...I saw that on espn and almost puked myself...it's like being a boxing ring girl except disgusting!!


we gotta wash that last picture out otherwise the after taste might stay..



i stan for sara

Sara looks like a better version of Paris Hilton in that picture.

It was meant to be a compliment but i guess it didnt come out as one...


Jaslene alert: US Weekly July 2, 2007--is dating Jeremy Piven. Same article reports Jeremy kissing Melrose.

Is this the Nathan's Hotdogs/Wig Modeling or cover of Latina end of the ANTM scale?


Rich, you need a separate 800 number or pager thing for all your fans, so when we see pop culture in person we can immediately contact the mothership (you).


I also think you should go back and do episode recaps of ANTM cycles 1-3, as those were the ones I never saw. You can see them sporadically on VH1, but without your witty comments, they ring hollow. Any chance of hooking that up as an early bday present to me????


Oh Rich, I love your recaps, but you've made it look like the girls are all doing nothing. I mean...yeah 99% of them are doing nothing.

But some of them are doing well.

Cycle 1's Elyse is modeling up a storm in Hong Kong (the rumored locale of cycle 9...which might make for a cool flashback to the shit slice confessional).

Cycle 2's Shandi is working as a DJ. That's not a modeling related thing, but still...she's not doing professional karaoke....

Cycle 2's Yoanna is always on the Style Network doing something.

Cycle 3's Eva has an EXTREMELY outdated ad at the covergirl makeup section of my walmart. Someone put sample lipstick on her. I think its been that way for a year at least now. Love those dedicated Walmart employees! Okay so she's not doing anything either.

Cycle 4's Michelle was on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Which is like a super huge deal...umm...okay, no not really.

Cycle 5's Nicole allegedly has this huge modeling campaign with a designer I've never heard of who is allegedly huge. But like I said I never heard of him/her.

Cycle 6's Mollie Sue has been in like all the foreign vogues. Which, when you think of it, is more exciting than being in American Vogue, because you don't have to compete with pictures of Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan pretending to be fashionistas.

Cycle 7's Melrose has another big name contract with some allegedly big name designer that I've also never heard of.

Who else...

Oh yeah...

Cycle 3's Yaya was in an Old Navy commercial and had a big huge cut out of herself pasted in my local Old Navy's store window.

So see. You were right, the best we can hope for is hot dog bitches and Blanche Deveraux Wigs from these girls.


Gawd, Joanie looks about 40 in that picture. A 40 year old Dolly Parton imitator.

Robin's hat looks like a Ring Pop.


There was a scary pic of Jaslene in last week's In Touch (I think, or was it Us? I get them confused). She looked much more emaciated than usual, worse than pre-preggers Nicole.


Why does Robin look so different? Does she have colored contacts in or did she get some work done or something? Does anyone else see this?


Rich -

You forgot the most exciting of all! My boyfriend works for Swiss Colony in Wisconsin and one of their divisions is a clothing line devoted to African American women. Yes, there are several things wrong with that. Why is a sausage and cheese company shilling women's clothes? Don't ask me. Even worse, the catalog is call Ashro. No, I'm not kidding.

Anyway, Danielle is like the FACE of Ashro. She's all up in that catalog. Like on EVERY page. Apparently, she's the most expensive model of color they could afford or something.

Hey, at least she's not shilling the cheese!


Just a bit more info. The company's website is www.ashro.com. You can find pics of Danielle (or Dani as she's been renamed) but you have to do a bit of searching. Poor dear.


I thought I was seeing things re: the Chili's ad. Thanks for the confirmation.


I thought I was seeing things re: the Chili's ad. Thanks for the confirmation.


But seriously, WHERE IS JADE???


Also saw Yohanna on an infomercial with Alyssa Milano for a new face cream/blusher thing. In the vein of the Proactive commercials where Alyssa sits around repeating "Amazing, ABsolutely aMAZing!" Yohanna is the before and after facial shot of the skin tone. I can't decide if the extra skin around her mouth makes her look anorexic or just old. Please please please please go back and recap the old episodes!!!


WOW - at first, i thought that was elyse scarfing down the dogs!


ASHRO! Now, that would be a catalog I'd like to see.


Why does Eugena have a wicket waste basket on her thighs?

Also, the Lupus girl is doing a Chili's commercial.

Thanks for this, as always.


A few months back, while strolling along Melrose Ave., I happened upon Miss Joanie herself working at some type of arty toy shop or another. She was very friendly (not to mention beautiful), but I couldn't help but feel badly for her. I mean, I worked on Melrose Ave. once as well, but I was 18 years-old at the time and not a reality show reject. Life's a bitch.


Hey, at least we know Sara can count. That's saying something. Jaslene looks kick ass on that cover! And I agree with Leanne, PLEASE recap old episodes. Since MTV & VH1 show the marathons all the time, it would be so nice. Can't wait for next cycle!!!

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