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July 09, 2007



Thanks for having my Diet Pepsi MAX bubble out of my nose when I read your user name.


You should submit this to cuteoverload.com
I went "awwww" the whole time ?I was watching this

What were you watching on tv?


Rudy's all "Corn: I needs it!"

Yeah, what are you watching on TV?


heh, funny vid, love your cats!
love your blog Rich, and your writing.
I re-read your Jesus Camp post yesterday because it appears that they are going to release it theatrically in September in Europe, yay!
I already saw it on you tube, thanks to your recap, but soon my friends and colleagues will understand my obscure references to "Levi, mullet-child of the Key Generation", and my random speaking in tongues...
kusjes from Brussels!


I for one object! Eh, not because you're giving in to the man or anything like that, I only object because I can't view YouTube at work. Curses! We have Winston IM alerts here at work. What a tease to have to wait to get home to view it! Oh well, whatevs. You, Win, Rudy, et al are worth an extra trip to the interwebs at night.


Don't you hate it when your principles have to make way for the realities of life? It is what it is. If it means we get to see cats eating corn, so be it.


Crap, now Spandau Ballet is going to be in my head the rest of the friggin' day.

oi vey

they are going at it like lions who just brought down an antalope! now i want corn on the cob ;]


Winston reminds me of a baby my mom use to take care of when she had a daycare. He is so ugly that he is cute. Rudy just reminds me of me with some nutella.


One of my three cats as that some thing going with starches. Bread, pop corn, potatoes. I'm glad he's not alone.


YEAH!!! I been waiting for this sequel for almost a year!!!! love u all.


My cat, Marble, (R.I.P. 1970 - 1993) used to get corn cobs out of the garbage at night and take them to her secret lair (the fruit cellar) to eat what was left of them.

We have Winston I.M. alerts here at work too! I'm glad we aren't alone.

John R.

i haz a corm.

Miss Lisa

My cat, Caz, used to pick grapes out of the fruit bowl and bat them around the kitchen. We'd be all, "What do you think you have--an opposable thumb or something?" He was living the dream. Thanks for the corn videos. I will alert my five-year-old immediately so he can eagerly run to the computer and experience great joy.


Is that "Sixteen Candles" in the background? I thought it was at first, now I'm not so sure. I did hear Asians talking, "True," and what may be Molly Ringwald's voice...


I love all things Winston and Rudy! I'm a huge cat fan, have one great cat myself, and am a bit surprised how he shuns all "human" food, yet his mom would get in my face and not move unless I gave her some of my fruit I was eating.

You're fuzzie sweeties are the best and I LOVE your banner!


I finally figured it out.. you were watching Sky High. :O


Yeah, I heard "Dong" in the background chatter, so I'm pretty sure it was Sixteen Candles. Or possibly your boyfriend just saying the word dong to amuse himself because you are too busy with the kitties.

On your YouTube page, in the "Related" window, there's a video with two parrots named Winston and Rudy. It's pretty lame. I don't get bird-lovers at all.


I know Winston in all his adorableness is the star of this blog, but I just can't get enough of Rudy. More Rudy!!! Would love to see the pipe he carved. LOL!!

= )


you should make and sell winston t shirts.


You should use www.vimeo.com for your personal videos. I'm retarded and I can upload them easily. While you can't post clips from shows on Vimeo (it's only for personal videos), it is still way useful and easy to use and you can still hang on to your dignity.


I really thought Rudy was going to deep-throat that corn cob. "Take it all, Rudy. You can do it. Take it all."


Aww, my kitty used to love corn, too! That, and cantaloupe. You couldn't eat either without him running from wherever he was in the house and demanding his fair share.


This video inspired me to immediately go into the kitchen, boil half an ear of corn and wave it at my cat in the hopes that wackiness would ensue. It was then that I realized how very small my world had become.

(Fact: I pass an apartment building called "Winston Mews" en route to work every morning. Incentive to move your family to downtown DC? Damn well should be.)


My old English Springer Spaniel swallowed a whole cob once. It came back up later, totally whole.

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