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July 11, 2007



where is that banner from? is her head just resting on a suitcase?


Awwwww! I'mo have to check this out. If you would have told me back in the day that I would one day wax nostalgic over freestyle crap, I would have told you to upgrade your brand of crack. But lo and behold, many, many years later and this stuff puts a smile on my face. Thanks, Rich!

Cheryl Lynn

Oh, love this. Love this! But where's the India and Coro? A freestyle site with no India or Coro? Shame.


I cannot thank you enough for exposing me to the Freestyle blog. OMG.


all i can say is "ten exclamation points in a row!"


I think I might have heard "Take A Chance" (a personal fave produced by Ron Dean Miller of Raw Silk fame) in a store on Melrose at the same time as you. That is unless it's on constant heavy rotation.

LoLo B

You are GOD! THANK YOU!!!

Catherine Cantieri

"Expose's "Let Me Be the One" (best pre-chorus bridge, ever?!?)"
YES!!! Damn, I saw the photo of them, started hearing the song in my head and thought "The part that begins 'Only you can make me feel this way' was fucking awesome," and you already called it.

And thank you for finally replacing the closing theme of Robot Chicken in my mental jukebox!


We salute you.


So what station/show was this that you were on? You have to alert me to this shit when you're gonna be featured in L.A.! So sad now.


What in the world is that banner all about?

Man, freestyle takes me way back. I heard "Catch Me I'm Fallin'" at some TJ Maxx the other day which was sort of bizarre.

Thanks for the link. There's some good stuff I'd forgotten about, like The Cover Girls (God, what have I just admitted to?)


I went to a wedding last summer where George LaMond sang his greatest hits. Then he danced with the bridal party and the Liza Minelli impersonator. There was a smoke machine and everything. It was both bizarre and awesome.


Rich, check out freestyle.fm...you can request from the playlist.

Queen Lena

I've run out of ways to express my love for you.


Great blog! Enjoyed the Keyshia/Mary comparison. Any idea where I can find "Without You" by Touch (late 80s house/freestyle) on mp3? Thanks in advance.



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