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July 30, 2007





I feel so sorry for the owner. Toofless and lost.
I'm going to have to say "Together Forever".


Never Gonna Give You Up! That is so close to being the best song ever.


Nevah gonna give, nevah gonna GIVE YOU UP


I agree. Ew. You have to wonder how those were lost. I would vote for they fell out of a transvestite hooker's mouth. But I don't know if tranny hookers hang around your building.

And to weigh in on the Rick Astley single, my vote goes for "Never Gonna Give You Up." It seems there's a bit more conviction in that song. And you can't be that bridge.


Just combine them. They're about 75% the same song, anyway, and you could just make one MEGA-RICK track that would take the clubs by storm.

Because when I'm never gonna give you up, we'll be together forever, right? RIGHT?!?


While Together Forever is fantastic, I am going to have to go with Never Gonna Give You Up.


I would like to submit a write-in vote for Cry for Help. No, just kidding, deffo Never Gonna Give You Up.


Um, TOTALLY 'Never Gonna Give You Up"!!


i'm with the crowd on this one, it's deffo "never gonna give you up" my god i've gotta download that now. thanks for the earworm darlin.


Never gonna give you up, fo sho.

How's this for gross? Once, sitting on top of a public garbage can in my neighbourhood, there was a HUMAN FOOT. It had red toenail polish. Someone called the cops just before I stumbled on the scene and they were all standing around, wondering what the hell to do with it.

But teef, that's gross too. They should go to GRILLZ to get that shit replaced.


Hmm....that's tough. Never Gonna Give You Up is classy and the denim on denim look gives things an honesty.

Together Forever has much more going and I like the chorus melody better. Also, the video has the trio of background dancers, one of which has a Samantha Fox vibe...


When you have nothing prepared, just post pictures of Winston and Rudy. Kitties are a good way to mollify your readers.


Clearly, this is not even a debate...

Never Gonna Give You Up is the too awesome for words. Also, it was spoofed on the Family Guy, which makes it an automatic classic.

"Never gonna give, nevah gonna give..."
Ladies- "Give you up."


Tomeka Foster's mamma was looking for those teeth! Rich, you spoiled Usher's wedding!


I still dig the fact that Rick Astley is a pale, scrawny red-head. Until about a year ago, I had no idea what he looked like.

Oh, definitely "Never Gonna Give You Up."


Regarding Rick Astley--I was just watching the Family Guy version of "Never Gonna Give You Up" before I read this. I'm sure you've seen it, but it's always good to watch again :)


Oh, and it's way better than "Together Forever."


it's Never Gone Give You Up...the drill team at my high school did a dance number to that song as a tribute to our shit-tastic football team. One bitch was dropped. Hilarious. Fuckin' A, I am old.


never gonna give you up. hands down.

ps - thanks for opening my eyes to the wonder that is "rock of love." my girlfriend tried to talk to me during the elimination last night and i almost threw a cat at her. lucky for her our cats are rubenesque...


Those teef is grody.


I have to second the poster who said someone should combine both songs into a MEGA-RICK track and take the clubs by storm. I would pay actual real money to hear this, up to several dollars.


another vote for never gonna give you up. Thanks for getting that stuck in my head! yay! that is a seriously awesome song.


Together Forever, clearly. Wasn't it titled 2gether 4ever, or am I getting my 80's music titles screwed up? So basically I'm in a minority on this board. That's cool. WHat's Rick Astley doing now?


Rich - "Never Gonna Give You Up" is so right, in that creepy "Every Breath You Take" Police kind of way. I mean, he is determined to never give you up or let you down...or even run around and desert you. For what more can one ask?

On another topic, I just discovered your blogs on the White Rapper show...and I can't even express to you the how amazingly talented I think you are. Hallelujah holla back, indeed.


Never Gonna Give You Up. Fer sure.

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