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July 31, 2007



Nata looks great. Brit Tit Tit, oh honey, thanks for the dark hair again. But please. Cheeseburger?


But no one does it like Rodeo, that's what I say! :D

Madame M

I am especially mesmerized by the circa 1988 miniskirt on your left mommy. Where can you still get clothing like that?



I bet I know what you were thinking when you snapped a photo of him.


Aw, I suddenly miss my own mom very much (though she never had 2-inch-long French-manicured nails which are the total hotness).


Am I the only one who thinks Brit-tit-tit looks kinda insane, who knows.

I am glad to hear more ANTM updates. I got way too obsessed after your 1st ANTM WATN post, luckily, i got distracted by searching for porns with rock of love girls. They prove that Brandi C. is really okay with sharing her men.


Oh Rich, thanks so much for the pics over at VH-1. Some of them are almost too good to believe! (and sadly, I have friends that would dress up the same way if Poison ever came to town) In any case, they're terrific!



I want to make sure that guy's balls really are shaved.


They are SO every girl I went to high school with, every one of my friends' moms, every checkout lady, school receptionist, or dental hygenist. I can hear their voices. "Hey Shirl! What's doin? Goin to the shore this weekend? We might hit AC. Hey, wanna go see Poison? Whaaaaaaaaat? Fuckin A!" They ARE New Jersey.


If I had tig ol' bitties I would covet that shirt like no other. Hell, I already covet that shirt like no other.

Kinda has nothing to do with the post, but I know you have an affinity for repetitive, low-budget music videos with an oddly hilarious quality about them... so if you haven't seen it Rich, I present:

"Chocolate Rain"


hahaha Chocolate Rain is the jam, Jase. I've "watched" that video so many times...and I finally downloaded the single from him, just to annoy ppl on my iphone. Hilarity WILL ensue.

What I actually came here to say was that Brit DOES look insane. She looks like an American Apparel model, whereas Natasha looks like she might ACTUALLY model something other than the JCPenney catalog.



I love those women too. They are my former home ec classmates, gas station and truck stop co-workers.


I met a girl at a wedding this weekend from Seattle who said that Cycle 2's Jenascia is her favorite bartender in Seattle!!! I wish I could remember which bar it was, but this conversation came after a tequila shot. I hope I can make it through the month. Also, those ladies are awesome!


I love these women too, having fun, looking happy, God Bless them for having nothing but a good time!


"The one's reason was that he had too many 'identifying marks,' whatever the fuck that means."

It means if you'd been paying attention, you would have seen him on America's Most Wanted the other week. Well, actually three years ago, and it was all cleared up, he did his time, but he's still proud that John Walsh was looking for HIM.


Well if it's "all cleared up" and he's so damn proud of it, then why is he so uptight about being photographed? Wanker.


You go ahead and be smug and derisive and ironic; you've earned it!!

What I would give to see Posion w/you Rich :*(


Bre's giving a tour of Harlem on youtube. She's with Ford Models.


lovin' the "three-inch cherry red press-on lee nails." or french manicured...whatever.

i'll bet if brett saw those girls, he'd be turned on! and if vincent saw them...i can't even go there anymore.


Someone wrote and asked if I meant the Rodeo comment as an insult. Noooo!

I dig her to pieces. I meant as a perfect, ahem, smidge-older rocker chick, Rodeo is the best!


I just realized Brit looks like my old roommate. That's a bad thing, my roommate was totally a hag before she turned 20.

Henry Evil

Natasha also were affected by her heighth.


Going off your last ANTM post, Mercedes is in the new Friday's commercial.


I saw Natasha on the street the other day crossing 23rd street and she was FUCKING GORGEOUS. My friend and I did a total double take (which she saw) and she just kept strutting with her oversized sunglasses. I wanted to ask her to speak just so I could hear THAT VOICE in person but I thought it might be a LITTLE too much.


I'm positive it's Natasha in a Wheat Thins ad I've spotted in a couple of magazines.

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