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July 17, 2007




I'm sorry but I'm not interested unless there's a church fashion show and tranny bizaro makeovers. lol


I wonder how long she looked for that address (2-3 hours)? I am thinking this has been heavily edited. What a dim bulb. How did she manage to actually get on a plane and fly to NYC?

To be honest, though, the "odd numbers on one side, evens on the other" is pretty much an American thing.


I didn't really mind the show... at least they are showing that models are NOT 26 years old.

In order to complete this post, however, you need to make a mini-pretty party featuring Michelle pre-makeover.




She's soooooooooooooo lucky she's gorgeous. And I second the number confetti idea, heh.


I'd rather see another Winston beauty shoot than watch this snore fest.


Natasha? Is that you?

st claire

i dont care if its boring ive had enough trannys posing as models in reality shows for a lifetime

im watching it simply for the eye candy and the silly girls!


Ick, does this mean that Beatrice won? She's not only the worst so far, but I can't forgive her for saying "top model" in the very first episode...


"odd numbers on one side,even on the other is pretty much an American thing"

Sorry, not true. I live in Malaysia now and have lived in Australia and England. The same rule applies to all these countries as well.


I dunno, I kinda liked it.. but that might just be out of sheer desperation between ANTM cycles.


Sorry, we don't get the show here (in Cairo), but duh, wouldn't the six fit somewhere on the other side of the street, or somewhere between five and seven? She's cute, and perfect for the idiotic ideal of a model.


I liked that it was more realistic in terms of the pool of hopefuls they had selected (I mean, there wasn't really any fug in the group; closest would've been short hair girl mostly just because her teeth scared the shit out of me). But really... other than that, I found it a snooze. I got so bored, which made me sad. But Beatrice did crack me up.

spoilers: all the girls were already working models and 4 out of 6 of them are already signed with Next.

Shot of Love

She doesn't say "thank you" when people help her?


After viewing one episode of this show, I was forced to face the truth: Tyra Banks is the main reason I watch ANTM. A model show without Tyra just seems boring. And frankly, it's much more fun to watch 20-somethings backstabbing each other than 14-year-olds looking bewildered.


I don't know... I loved it. I liked the simple shoots, the gorgeous/interesting girls, the agents... pretty much everything. Though if it were on at the same time as Top Model, I would no doubt choose Tyra's crazy antics over this realistic stuff. Her insanity is like crack to me. I just can't get enough.


This has nothing to do with anything, but:

1) Did you happen to see the ferret show on PBS last night? I think it was called "Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence", I shit you not. I don't even know you outside of this blog, but as I watched a questionably Down's-syndromed woman sing a folk song she had written about her ferret, I thought of you. (Sample: "Ferret, my ferret, you love to hide my stuff. Ferret, oh ferret, when will you get enough?")

2) After the ferret show, I saw a few minutes of Dateline: To Catch a Predator NEW JERSEY EDITION. Turns out that NJ is a hotbed of pedophiles... a total shock.


It pisses me off that she doesn't say THANK YOU to any one she asked for help. I don't like her.


i'm rollin' at the 1st construction worker who just stared at her ass...could he hear her? hah.

other than that, this looks like it would put me to sleep faster than corrine bailey rae.


I'm brazilian, and here buildings are numbered like the US. Odd numbers on one side, even numbers on the other.

So, Beatrice is simply dumb.

dude shes like 16 in a foreign country

Do you people have anything better to do than talk crap? I know Beatrice, is quite intelligent, and way fucking hotter than most of you Im sure...


I know her and her job. The production just play with the girls,making them look what they want.
She's sweet and have a big heart and only 16 in NYC.U guys just talk crap about her, coz she's beautiful.She's from Brazil, doesn't mean that she is dumb and only knows carvanal.Brazilian models are the best, the most beautiful and happy.

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