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July 12, 2007



I still love the MTV clip where you questioned whether the glitter on TI's hoodie was gay or not.

You have officially made Down Syndrome children scary Rich.


Someone better holla at TI or TIP to buy Tiny a nose job and a facial, damn!

Miss Kitty

Rich, you've made multiple personality disorder funny. And you've saved me $15, too!

Skipping Towards Jaded

Tiny has everything to do with everything. When is the Xscape reunion going to happen? And are they going to put her waaaaay in the back on that album like "Traces Of My Lipstick" ? These questions are way more important than T.I and his alter ego superhero T.I.P


"Tiny is the Belial to Mariah's Duane."

OMG. Just, OMG.

I think I know what the animanga I've always wanted to create is going to be about now...

P.S. I am devastated by the awesomeness of this post. I heart Rich and R-id.
P.P.S. Belial ::snicker::


You. Are. A. Foooooooooool! And I love it!


So should I shell out 99 cents for the Eminem track? I've been getting sick of him over the years too. Is it a silly-Eminem track or a serious-Eminem track? One of my favorite Em tracks is that one where he guests on Dr. Dre's 2001: "Nowdays, everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish. The motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre."


I couldn't name a song by T.I. or T.I.P., but the Basket Case reference was hi-larious.

Damn ... you could do some serious damage on the World Series of Pop Culture, if weren't employed by vh1.


That was awesome!

You should write a book. It doesn't matter what it's about because you're funny regardless.


TI (and TIP) played at my University's annual SunGod concert in May. He kept calling himself the King, and asking if there were any freaks in the audience who wanted him. Typical rapper, right?

The funniest thing, aside from his three names, was his DJ who would play the sound of a gunshot and glass shattering after every song, literally AFTER EVERY SONG. And even funnier than that was he kept calling our school by the wrong name; "Make some noise San Diego University!" was said at least three to four times during his performance. (We are University of California San Diego, and there is also San Diego State and the University of San Diego...but I guess he likes to make up names cause San Diego University doesn't exist.) Needless to say we didn't make a lot of noise and people were trickling out of the concert after two songs into his set.

Just a random little tid bit for ya, Rich.


Again, I ask: WTF is the banner all about?


OH MY GOD you did not go there with Tiny vs. Mariah. Do you want to? Like I want to? Want to make love to you???? Say you do!


I swear to god there was a black male R&B/hip hop singer from the late 90s (?) who was also named TI who had 1 hit that was kind of a mid-to-uptempo song that had gunshots in the chorus? Anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, PLEASE let me know. I have been dying racking my brains for the last few months about this!


I recently heard a radio interview with I before P, but after T where he bragged that he's held millions of his own dollars in his hands before, then a minute later told listeners that it's crucial for us to buy his album. Because he might go poor, or something. I hope your review somehow contributes to that.


You know what... once I saw you at the circuit city at union square and I was stading behind you in line and was internally freaking out because I wanted to say something and now my chance has past, but I also want to say that talking to yourself IS funny and TIP owns that.


I'm glad someone else went there with the Down Syndrome thing. I've been holding a joke in about T.I. uh, P... and down syndrome for months now! Cheers!


I'm glad someone else went there with the Down Syndrome thing. I've been holding a joke in about T.I. uh, P... and down syndrome for months now! Cheers!


I'm glad someone else went there with the Down Syndrome thing. I've been holding a joke in about T.I. uh, P... and down syndrome for months now! Cheers!


whoops ^is dumb.


the thing with ti is that, in reality, he has never really made a solid album. even king, which tons of folks went on endlessly about, was still only about a 3.5 out of 5; such as the case with the two previous. ( i really did pay attention to him prior to king) his first record was less than those... he is quite talented i believe; and when he does that little dance in his videos, i get a little steamy, but it never translates to 70 + minutes of disc. (sadly, i also kind of like that speech impediment that he has in his songs, sue me.) this disc in particular is also about a 3, and just went a bit too wrong. ultimately it is a problem that plagues a lot of artist records, way too fucking long. i miss the days of 35-40 minute discs. (thankfully my heroes saint etienne adhere to that!) most artists only have about that much real inspiration and the other 35-40 minutes is just filler that plods on. if he could just condense things a bit, and really step up his game, i do think he is capable of a master work akin to some of the other great rap/hip-hop artists in time.


I've been watching T.I. on Music Choice on Demand, courtesy Time Warner for the past few weeks.

On Demand is the best thing to happen to procrastination and piece-of-shit laziness since web browsing was invented.

I love T.I. He looks like Baby Gerald from the Simpsons.


totally off topic and I always do this but what is the movie in the banner this week? Does anyone know?

Law Diva

Okay this post was EXCELLENT...I mean it doesn't take anything away from how much I LOVE TI and how much I think he brings to the game right now, lol, but EXCELLENT non-the-less...The Tiny part was so unexpected that I was dying laughing at the thought that a gay man is wondering the same question as most of the straight women that I know, lol! Seriously, the post was great!
Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure as you also seem to think that the pronunciation thing is exaggerated to keep his southern street roots prominent, lol, when he's having intelligent discussions, he diction isn't like that

@Primeau, I would agree that King was about a 3.5, but you are mistaken about the previous albums. Most fans will tell you that Urban Legend his 3rd CD which gave him the build up for King and put him on the brink of going from a kind of known rapper to an international star. Most fans will tell you that Urban Legend was damn near flawless, I mean I can listen to it without being mad that I can't find my remote to skip any songs. If I am listening to it with my remote in my hand I may only skip one song and that's usually after TI's verse is over and BG's verse begins.

As for the first two albums, although I own them both now, I will admit that was before my time as a fan and those albums are a bit uneven, there are some prolific songs on the album but there's also a lot of songs that sound like a new artist - a 20 year old at that for the first one - trying to find himself and his style. But hey, everyone isn't always going to like the same things!


I agree. Why couldn't they get at least a couple of decent R&B chicks on the hooks? In a dream the hooks would be sung by Yummy Bingham, Nicole Wray, Teedra Moses, and Brandy, but that's just me. And the beats are weak / annoying to listen to.

Theres-a Von Chillingworth

Quick question... in "You know What it is" or whatever that song is called, does he say "I love that llama" in the hook? It goes something like "mumble mumble mumble, I'm a real big time-a, man I love that llama, you know what it is?" I know It sounds crazy, but I just need to know... thanx hun! :) btw...hate this album too but I Luv ur posts!! TI hasn't been the same since "Trap Muziq"


LOVE Urban Legend.
Not so much TI v. TIP.

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