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July 26, 2007



You know, I've been in many a mall like this, and every time I walk thru one, my head is just bursting with so many fucked-up, funny, evil little observations that I just wish I could share with someone. Bless you for thinking like me, but better.

NOT boring.


I think this an awesome post and makes this blog even more awesome. I remember some art thang at PS1 a few years back where a photographer had taken striking photos of abandoned malls. I love this stuff. Makes me glad I was raised in a city.

slut machine

I forgot about this before, but remember when we went to the Shore Mall to go to Chi Chis? It was all boarded up. I was so sad. And hungry.


thank u for making me laugh


Cracking up. I haven't been there in years!


Okay, I'm confused and disgusted...did they intentionally PUT roaches in a fountain?! I mean, how did they get in there, are there no janitors, or did they think roaches in a fountain was a good idea?! Seriously icky.


Yep, we have that up here in Canada too. Except for the roaches part. at least I don't think we do, I haven't checked out dead malls in Toronto...


That must be the greatest mall in all the land. Seriously thinking about roadtripping to it hahah

Andrea, I'm tempted to check out the dead malls in TO.. I'm thinking that mall out on Finch East.. Cedarbrae is it?


NOT boring. DO WANT!

Where I grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada, we had a mall just like this. It was called "Sunnycrest Mall". It was full of stores that no one had ever heard of, like "Upstairs Downstairs" and "AZUR consignment clothing". It was so depressing. It didn't have a fountain, but it did have a plethora of fake plants that were covered in cobwebs and 3 inches of dust. Scenes like that and this make me so glad I moved to the city!


Not boring, this is my favorite one yet. I can't count how many times I've had the "waterbugs ARE roaches" conversation.


Also? Love the Michelangelo repro in the background of the first stuffed-animals-in-seats photo. A new spin on an old classic, indeed (where's Rudy when you need him?)


Rock of Love with Bret Michaels is depressing for all the same reasons. Cultural irrelevance, hideous furniture, no books anywhere in sight...you see my point.

miss christy

DYING laughing, thank you!!! In DC/Northern VA we only have ritzy malls, but i went to college for a few years in south central PA and it was JUST like this. They even had a store where you could get jesus-themed iron-ons. And of course, t-shirts with glittery wolves on them.


Wow, I do believe South Jersey is the Northwest Indiana of the East Coast. Hammond, IN had Woodmar Mall and at its peak it had a record store (bought Led Zeppelin III on LP there), a sit down portion control restaurant and a Carson Pirie Scott with a Ticket Master along with the KBee toys, weird carts selling crap people found in their attic, health food store, the stoner version of Calypso (you know, all the heavy metal spirituality stuff like wizards and unicorns and swords) and-most important-a photo booth.
Enroute to a wedding my friend/driver/date/whatever and I happened upon the shell of it mid-demolition and I had an instantanous emotional journey that I now know at least someone would've understood.


Malls like this are everywhere. I always feel dirty and depressed whenever I got into one.

The roaches are the worst part though. My husband and I lived in a shitty apartment in Austin and I saw one of the lovelies in the kitchen and in a worried voice I said "Is that a roach?" and my husband said "no, thats a waterbug." It didn't take long for me to realize they were one and the same. The worst was when we were moving out. My cotton candy machine and floss sugar were under the sink. I pulled it out and lo, the machine and sugar were both loaded with roach shit. I tossed the sugar, and soaked the cotton candy machine in bleach. Still haven't been able to use it. (no floss sugar around)


love the post.

here's a good site with more dead malls: http://deadmalls.com/

in its heyday, my dead mall had a gigantic bird cage in the food court. hygienic!


Ahhahahahaha, Rich this is such a good post. I think the same things when I go to the mini mall in Carson, Ca. As much as they add and try to fix it will forever remind me of Shore Mall in Jersey.


Thanks for blurring the faces, Rich! By the way, I never implied you were posting pics of people to be malicious. I just wanted you to be aware that some people value their privacy for safety reasons and you just have no idea what sort of trouble you could unintentionally cause by posting images of them. Trouble for them and maybe trouble for you too. I don't think any of us want to see your excellent blog (smooch smooch) get tagged with a lawsuit. You're obviously a genuinely nice person with a conscious, so sorry I had to be the fly in your ointment (or the roach in your mall fountain, whichever). Of course, maybe when Google has a picture of every single one of us out on the street, perhaps scratching our pit or siddling into a porn establishment, then it may not matter anymore.


Please come visit the DC-Baltimore suburbs for a tour of amazing malls. You get your choice of scenic suburban consumer pits like Shitty Place and The Dirt Mall. I can show you Luv'n Time International, Gold 'n' Diamondz, and more Fashion Bugs than you can hit with a flyswatter.

I recommend the corndogs with cream cheese dipping sauce, or the shaved ice in the flavor 'Batman.'




For those two Canadians venture out to Whitby and check out the Whitby mall...WalMart closed there...that's all I have to say!

I can't remember which mall it was in Toronto(well GTA really.) but there was baby poop in the fountain. Someone had either dumped a diaper in there OR some baby had pooped into it.

Another GTA note, aparently the Oshawa Centre has an abandoned part that is under the main floor, when they built the second floor they just walled it up. Im dying to get in there!

Oh and I think the ladies at the end are allowed to be sitting in those chairs..they are those vibrating chairs, they have the remotes in there hands..you know to relieve their aches and pains.


Ewwww. We used to have a mall like that where I live, but it was knocked down and there was a fancy schmancy "streets" mall built on top of it. Ps, I'm digging the Ghost World banner.

April Winchell

I can't even fucking BELIEVE that you didn't buy that picture of Cameron Mathison.


Awesome! Now that I know you are from EHT it all makes sense...


Oh man...I've been to a mall just like it. I will say, they are perfect if you are in the market for say...a dot matrix printer.

Love the roaches. How elegant.

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