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July 05, 2007



You know, that chase scene is just like the one from Casino Royale, only even more intense, if that is even possible.

De-lurking, hi!


Ball choking jeans, ha!

By the way I have the recipe to make an Orange Julius if you really crave one, Rich.

Did you notice when he got to the fence you could see the WTC in the background? Always gets you in totally random places.


You've. Never. Seen. Death Wish?


Charles Bronson is rolling in his grave. Wait. He's dead, right?


I was just at McCarren park pool on Tuesday for a screening of "Bring It On," (super fun!) and it's so neat to see in that clip how little has changed. I love how they've left the whole pool area so awesomely derelict - I think the only difference it the graffiti's been painted over.


Yo! Miss Leanne: Share the love! We all want to know how to make Orange Julius. :)

I love seeing old movies/shows set in San Francisco. I like seeing areas that used to be dumps but now are less dumpy and riddled with $900K condos.


It gets so pervy at the end. "Save some for me..." They're totally going to tag team that runaway bottom.


It is sorta pervy at the end, but I liked it! Thanks for sharing & I heart your new banner.


Okay, here is the Orange Julius recipe my dad made for us growing up (I think he harrassed some guy at the mall stand until he gave up the recipe.) For any strawberry/coconut variations you're on your own:

6 oz. can frozen concentrated orange juice
1 cup milk - low-fat okay
1 cup water
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
8 ice cubes

-Pour all ingredients, except ice cubes, in a blender.
-Blend ingredients. Add ice cubes one at a time until smooth and frothy.
-Also tastes good without the sugar.

It's my gift to Rich for a great blog :-)


i'll roll over for any film that involves one adult calling another a "fuckin' dummy." that's quality writing! it's REAL.


Correction on the Orange Julius recipe: It's POWDERED sugar, not granulated for all you purists out there :-)


Also a good one from that era is "Vice Squad", which I know is only available on VHS!

Pretty much everything that happened in 1983 is divine...in entertainment at least.



WTF is up with that McCarren Park Pool home page: http://www.mccarrenpark.com

On the left side there is a pic of a topless chick in her late 40's at least, with drinks hiding her nips! What happens in McCarren Park Pool stays in...well, you get the cliche.


It isn't going to be a venue for much longer. It's turning back into a pool.

Mountain Lion

Death Wish is truly fantastic.

It's the best kind of "trashy" movie--it's much more than the reactionary celebration of vigilanteism that it has become/is considered.

Beyond the specificity of New York in the 70's (which is awesome on its own), Death Wish is about the end of the Age of Aquarius--the hawks "are proven right" and convert the doves after all...

But it also seems to be making fun of the audience, like it's daring us to identify not just with Charles Bronson* but also all of the New Yorkers who cheer him on as he blows away all the dark dirt from the streets...

Death Wish is crazy. It'd be a treat to hear what you think about it.

*full name=Charles Bronson, holy

Benny K

You know Rich, I've always wanted to visit Time Square in specifically the "late 70s - early 80s" and I even reference it in my head with the Orange Julius image. Verrrrrry interesting. For me, the movie Fame was what solified the love.


There still are Orange Julius's out in southern cali :D

I only have to drive a block to the mall to get some cold frothy orange heaven

also there is some merange powder in it as well, my friend in high school workrd there and I remember her making it at home with the powder.


We have an Orange Julius up here in Moncton, NB. I'll host you, among other things, if you'd like to come get one.

bob smith

have you ever seen the movie Times Square? its great if youre into 80s nyc nostalgia


OMG That first jump scene is so lame, it's perfect. LOL


The above article in the NYTimes from today has a mention of the McCarron pool -- they're reopening it!


Notice that the slow motion happened when they jumped over a long distance? How bad of a rip-off of the "Six Million Dollar Man" was that!



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I want to say - thank you for this!

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