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July 06, 2007



Love this idea. Can't wait to see the longer post.


I can only hope someone I know (or even, gasp, me) ends up in one of your subway pictures. There's often quite a lot to be capturing on film...


The 1st picture, it looks like the girl on the right has leopard-print panties on her head


Love the girl in the first picture with her $0.99 Vegas visor. Must have gotten that at the Keno counter.

I love this idea Rich! Can't wait to see more of the pics!


Don't you love it when people wear size inappropriate clothing? I sure do...it makes me feel good about me.

miss christy

hey some of us are just short like that!!! :-)

nice post though. i have been trying to do the cell phone picture thing recently but my razr pretty much sucks at taking pix, they come out ok but when i save them they're blurry. i keep trying to take a pic of this guy at the Chipotle near me, he has a total power-mullet. i WILL get it, one day...


I wanna believe you, Rich, but some of us are still waiting for the long-promised Chunk photos of two summers past....

And Miss Christy, the Razr camera is awful, isn't it? It captures everything in yellow and orange.


Viva la Chunk!


Are the girls in the first one the real deal or are they dressed that way to be ironic? Hard to tell here.


i love these! more more more...


Don't the girls in the first pic look like they're going to an birthday party where the theme is "The 80's"? They remind me of the time my little cousin dressed up like Alex Owens for Halloween and everyone just thought she was a hooker.


I hate to be a wet blanket on all this, but I respectfully recommend that you at least obscure people's identities if you're going to take covert pics. As someone who is a victim of stalking, I'm always a little fearful that somehow a picture of me will end up online and the jig will be up where I am and who I'm with. Paranoid much? Probably. 15 years of looking over your shoulder will do that to a person. It's bad enough that public records are so readily accessible online and that there are cameras everywhere watching your every move. I understand I have little control over that. I also realize that these people are out in public and have no lawful right to expect privacy. So before you all flame me, rest assured that I'm not asking Rich to take down the pics or stop taking them altogether. I do understand that it's entirely his prerogative to do what he wants on his own blog. I'm just kindly asking him to consider other's privacy.


LOVE this idea. I always see people that I want to take pix of but either miss them or don't have the balls to try. I am talking to you Redwood City t-shirt lady and Portola Street outdoor calisthenics man.

Speaking of sureptitious chunk (weren't we?) - now that you have a camera phone that takes very decent pictures, how 'bout some secret South Jersey Shore chunk love action shots? Woooo!


i really want to know what kind of phone you have. mine sucks at taking pics! great idea! have a good weekend!


Yeah, well, I have a picture of a woman with a long, curly mullet wearing ugly blue pants with totally visible panty-lines. Beat THAT.


Everyone on my train is rather bland. I'm just a little jealous.


I love this idea too, but I've never been able to figure out how to do it exactly without the subject knowing they're being photographed. I usually fear a "why the fuck are you taking my picture" altercation. I've missed some beauts on account of that.


spandex victims in New York?!

My little fashion-conscious Vancouverite heart is broken.


I hate to be a wet blanket, but if all you are going to do is make fun of people, then I will skip the post. It seems kind of easy, you don't need to go there. I just like to look at pics without comments.


Julie: are you new here?


Doesn't your camera make a noise? Here in Japan cameras make some kinda sound when you take a photo, to stop men taking up-skirt photos without the girl knowing......


Nope, avid reader. I understand that is the whole point of the recaps of ANTM, and it is ha-larious, BUT those people went on TV, so they know that they are up for grabs, BUT not some poor, fashion challenged girl on the subway. Too easy targets, ya know, just my opinion.


mint julep

Who cares about privacy.


rich you are so stupid
but thats why I love you!
and why I keep coming back!
Bring us the long post!


How sweet! Love it.

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