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August 28, 2007



ok. i get it. it's an ewok. on "spaz"


Oh, I love those little chrysanthemum heads!


Thanks for putting up the Danielle Lane Bryant ad. The fact that she's considered plus size really makes my life really fucking complete.

Also, that dog is magic!


Is he really a Shih Tzu? Looks a lot more like a Lhasa Apso. Good lookin', reagardless.


I can almost smell the puppy breath!


dude, what's wrong with your arm?


Dear God, what's up with that arm? Kaposi's? Leprosy?


What - Danielle in a Lane Bryant ad? WTF? She's like a freakin' toothpick! It's no wonder those clothes look enormous on her!

Ernie is adorable. And petite! ;-)


I usually don't like small dogs, but Ernie has me sold. Please tell me those were tattoos on your arm that just blurred. Otherwise they appear to be open, festering sores.

Where are the snarky ANTM comments about each girl's photo?! Let's get high school and gossip!


Tattoos, right? And not your arm, right? I don't think I like that ink, though. :(


Lucy: What's funny is that's not even the Lane Bryant at the mall. That's a catalog service with the same name that sells old lady's clothes. The LB at the mall actually sells better clothes than that. LOL!

Wow. I can't believe 1) that I know that and 2) that she ever posed for these pictures. I thought she was doing well working fashion week in NY and getting her Cover Girl contract renewed and such.

poor dani, this is worse than that persian chick at the hot dog eating contest.... or at least neck and neck

Aimee the sis

Is your arm ok? It has me very concerned.


Is the arm bruised from being tied up and tickled? Would you like to be?? ;-)

bob smith

i feel all to familiar with those arms. which is sort of weird.


guys, chill.
those are tattoos.
bonus!: those aren't even rich's arms.


Apparently the arms got more attention than the dog.

Just makes me miss my dog even more.


Dogs engender a no-win situation, don't they? They sulk and sigh and make you feel really guilty for not petting them, and they get all humpy and licky when you DO show them affection.

Reason #7390 why cats are the superior beings.


ernie and winston have the same pushed-in face. no wonder you fell in love with the pup. too cute...


I am in love with Ernie. I am concerned about the arms - please confirm those were slightly out of focus tattoos and not bruises.


Yeah, they're tattoos. If I were beating my boyfriend or if he were in the throes of AIDS and covered with Kaposi's sarcoma, I wouldn't post video capturing the evidence, lest I deal with the above ridicule. No big deal -- it's OK to not like the tattoos and criticize them (obviously, I've set the tone of this blog and it's only fair that people respond to whatever's here in whatever manner they prefer). But, understand that the video is dark and pixelated and so you can't really make a fair judgment.


You need a side-by-side comparison of this dog to Winston. Like a video mash-up.


I had to watch this video again - that pup is so damn cute. As my husband said the other day after watching a puppy out for a walk: If you ever felt like life was not worth it - just get a puppy. They are so happy about everything - you can't help but be happy, too.

Aimee the sis

Thank goodness. It looked like someone was caught in a horrible indian burn contest.


I am in love. Ernie looks like a little teddy bear and I want to steal him. But then again, I also want to steal Winston.

Maybe not a permanent steal, but just to be allowed to snuggle with both of them for a little bit, even if Winston hated every minute of it:)

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