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August 20, 2007



I saw the film in the theatre and was confused as hell. I am happy to hear you were too Rich, and embrace it. David Lynch never fails to surprise me. The bunnies creeped me out, I didn't find them amusing, more like a bad acid flashback. Great review, I understand (?) INLAND EMPIRE a little more now.


The bunnies are from a series of 9 installments that I saw as a stand-alone dvd called "Rabbits." Typically Lynchian, impenetrable yet somehow haunting stuff. The rabbits basically keep saying the same few lines over and over again, with some variations, throughout the whole thing. Anyway, I was just excited to see them turn up here. I'll have to check this out when I get a chance.

"Rabbits" link:


"You cannot see it fRRom the RRoad"


I left halfway into it while the husband continued to watch the whole thing. I think my biggest gripe is that I was truly expecting a disjointed narrative going in and thinking I'd quickly bail, but was happily surprised to find some structure, only to have it yanked away halfway through.

My problem with the second half of this movie is the same problem I have with horror movies that start killing off characters from the get-go. If you aren't emotionally invested in the characters, then you don't care what happens to them. Once Laura Dern's initial character went bye-bye, I didn't care what was happening and grew bored very quickly.


Run, do not walk, to get your paws on a copy of Wild at Heart. It will provide endless quotes with which to entertain and annoy your friends and pets. Dianne Ladd's got some mad wig and lipstick going on.

katie w.

You HAVE to see Wild at Heart! Its camp MADNESS and so awesome. Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern play star-crossed lovers named Sailor and Lula with hot sex scenes, Elvis infatuations and the best crazy mother ever put on film. Rent it and recap it now! How can you resist?!?

You must see Twin Peaks. That shit haunted and thrilled me when I was just a little 13 year old Catholic schoolgirl. (something I'm sure pervy Lynch would appreciate) I love Lynch dearly, although I don't really think he's a god who can do no wrong. I love him more like I would love my favorite eccentric uncle. Seeing INLAND EMPIRE is a joy...it feels like a declaration of independence and a fuck-you to critics everywhere, like my favorite crazy uncle is finally doing exactly what he always wanted to do.


Justin Theroux is ridiculous hot. Like it's disorienting how hot he is, and ergo appropriate Lynch is using him lately. Saw Strangers with Candy for the first time last weekend and I was SOOO disappointed that his role was only really a cameo. Kept waiting for him to show up again.

Must respectfully disagree with no name above who calls Lynch pervy. Think he's so much about putting his inside dark mind on the outside that he's like the opposite of a perv...he's like almost wholesome to me.

But yes, not get all culty on your ass, but for serious: get the Twin Peaks series but then really the movie is the thing, like (until Mulholland Drive) never have seen anything that so utterly and perfectly captured what it feels like to be in the midst of one of those hyperreal dreams where you are in danger but then also feel like you're...like having some kind of interesting adventure or something.


I would imagine that the film is more palatable as a home-theater experience than it was on the big screen. There's something masochistic about submitting yourself to (just under!) three hours of abstract experimental cinema while sitting in a rickety art-house movie seat. Trust.

With that said, I hereby challenge you to construct a video in which you splice the various shots of Laura Dern's furrowed brow with scenes from "Rock of Love." Has this already occurred to you? Oh, if only her character's odyssey would have led to the House of Rock! Hoo boy, don't threaten HER with a good time! Also, I wish you would have uploaded an MP3 file of when she says, "I mean, I fucked a few guys for drinks..." She might truly give BB a run for her money.


Go out and rent "Wild at Heart" right now!!


I hate to get all PC on you, but don't you think Lynch's representations of black people are a bit, like, problematical? a) There never ARE any black people in his films. b) When one finally does appear (say, in Inland Empire), he is a totally strung out hobo on Hollywood Boulevard.

That said, I also highly recommend Twin Peaks: Firewalk with Me. If you haven't seen the TV show, as I hadn't prior to viewing the film, the film (which is prequel to the TV show) has a stunning, surreal, hypnotic, and ultimately very moving quality to it.


Wild at Heart is a must see, but FIRE WALK WITH ME is friggin amazing.


I recently saw The Elephant Man, which managed to elude me before. That is a brilliant movie, both strange and heartbreaking..just heartbreaking. David Lynch, love him or hate him, is a true artist. There is no one like him.


a woman cursed into being in a movie about a woman who gonna be in a movie thats cursed. she gets cursed, stuff goes crazy, she realizes whats going on. travels within the film to her psyche and breaks the curse by attoning for her sins and destroying the phantom. it ends with her saving the girl in room 47.
plz see twin peaks fire walk with me. you will love it.


Ok...I have to see this


Umm...I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like Wild At Heart. I'm still traumatized whenever I hear a match light up;)

I love Lynch and I collect all his DVD's (faves Blue V., Eraserhead, Mulholland Dr.) but I can't stand his "muse" Laura Dern. She always seems to have that same damn expression on her face all the time. I think she's the reason why I don't re-watch Wild At Heart. She kind of spoiled Blue Velvet for me too. Thank goodness for KYLE MACLACHLAN! Love!

Love Lynch because I've never had the chance to use recreational drugs but watching his movies is the closest I can get to knowing how it must feel like to get high. (except Elephant Man which still makes me cry)


Lynch from fav to least fav IMO:

1. Inland Empire
2. Eraserhead
3. Muholland Drive
4. Blue Velvet
5. The Elephant Man
6. Lost Highway
7. Wild At Heart (campy and colourful and LOVE Diane Ladd's character but Nicholas Cage ruins it slightly)

Haven't seen Dune, Straight Story or Fire Walk With Me yet.


you must watch Twin Peaks! You will love it! Set aside a weekend and just get down with its awesomeness.

whatever, i will read this latter. right now im just really confused as to ben harper's choice in women.


Rich, I have to agree with many of the previous posters - you must view "Wild At Heart" ASAP. I saw it when I was 16 and it blew me away. I've watched it a kabillion times since, along with almost every other Lynch film, and it still pleases me.

"Fire Walk With Me" got me through 4 years in Savannah, GA and I still dig it terribly.


Yes, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is the best, and it has companion books one of which is Laura Palmer's diary.
I agree with you on Lost Highway. I like it, and I hate when people tell me they totally understand it. Understand WHAT?

Henry Evil

Which Lynch film was the one where Laura Dern agreed to have her hair peed on? That one was the best.

finding the filth

ok - consider wild at heart & the entire twin peaks saga mandatory viewing. immediate mandatory viewing.

i mean - wild at heart was probably laura derns best film and the scene with her character's mom having a mental breakdown while applying lipstick is well... iconic. it's what you imagine tyra does in her private moments.

and twin peaks is probably the most influential and astounding creative work in the last 20 years. seriously. everything about it is amazing. kyle mclachlan when he was hot, scaryfreaky bob, whorish cherilynn fenn, log lady, backwards talking dancing dwarf dreams, julie cruise music, and plot twists so insane you need a slice of cherry pie to understand them. and even then it doesnt make any sense. and you kind of need to get so into it that you lock yourself up for a weekend, watch the entire series - including the movie - from beginning to end. and if you can get your hands on a copy of laura's published diary, all the better. twin peaks was a full media attack of brilliance.

also, too. track down lynch's personal website. for a while there - not sure if he still does it - he was posting daily videoblogs about the weather. everyday, he would, in classic lynch delivery, announce the day's weather report. nothing more. nothing less. always awesome.

oh - and there's also a documentary about david lynch that's worth seeing. did you know he was an artist, too? he's got a whole series about rotting animal flesh thats both disgusting and fabulous. so very very lynch.

oh - and, yeah. the elephant man... got to see that as a kid and it was well... it left an impression for sure!


what idiot posted the comment, "i'm just confused in ben harper's choice in women?" first of all, laura dern is a beautiful, real, natural goddess. second, ben harper is brilliant, as displayed in the end credit song. third, i seriously doubt mr. harper or ms. dern give a flying flip what you think. they have 2 beautiful children, a great creative life, and extraordinary talent.


laura dern's performance in IE is miraculous. i cannot think of another actor that could even approach what she's done here. legendary.

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