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i will be watching that video repeatedly, i swear it. pure fucking magic.


It's so weird to hear the girl from Life Size say 'fuck'. I wonder if this movie is getting a release in the UK? Might have to magic myself a copy instead...

Kyle Y.

Is this as awful-great as Basic Instinct 2?

La Angel

methinks her brilliant hand gestures were coached by Robert DeNiro. Ah! sweet, weathered, leathery Lindsay.


DUH SQUARED! ahhahaha that brings me back to My So-Called Life.

FUCKING! FUCK! FUCK. sorry lindsay rubs off on me.
i cant wait to see this trash heap.


I too watched this. I think the apex of my personal enjoyment was the part where Lindsay Lohan was beaten unconscious with her own cyborg hand. Oh, it was beautiful.


Awww, that's our little pottymouth. But, to be an asshole ingrate for a moment, I cannot believe you didn't save me a $1 Redbox rental by uploading a clip of Lindsay getting whacked in the face with a shovel. That's the only reason I would want to see this movie. Well, maybe that and the cyborg hand beatdown I just found out about (thanks Drew!).


Loved the video. Really. Thanks for all the hard work on it :)


I paid actual money to see this movie... the ticket stub says "I Know Wh", which reminded me that I also say "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in the theater, too.
Rich- did you ever read 'Fear Street' at all? Please tell me you did. Because I've read 'Fear Street' books with better plots than this. Did you feel disappointed that Aubrey/Dakota never fucked the gardener? I was. Also, the stupid blue theme! BLUE, BLUE everywhere!
But yeah, it's a good time.


it's actually fun to watch this movie in a theatre because it turns into a comedy! the entire place cracked up during the most inapropriate times. I loved it.

Max Silvestri

Those dog's balls look CGI.


First of all, Just Say Julie? Word

Poor Lindsay. I know it's easy to stay "Let's stop blaming White Oprah and her nutbag scumbag pops; she's after all an adult now" but honestly, I just think that's the gist of it. You have an absentee dad, and a washed-up used-up hag who thinks she's 18 trying to live vicariously through her child. Doesn't Lindsay have a grandmother in Alaska who can take her in, and take her away from her skanky friends and incompetent parents?


I so want a sphynx cat.


Fuck, I love this bitch as much you don't. And I hope she gets better. It sucks being an addict.


that was the best fucking video evar.


For a minute I thought the cat was pooping...


i watched the video and thank you for slaving over it because it was amazing!


OMFG. Those cat balls are the funniest thing I have ever seen! They're sort of breakfast sausage-shaped. Thank you, Rich for the tears of joy I am shedding in honor of you and your hard work. And thank you, Producers of Terrible Movies for the endless supply of mockable "art".

-I still can't stop laughing.


Was that "...this good call of a review points out, The Parent Trap" line pasted in the wrong paragraph? Should it be a the end of "Mulholland Drive, or as ..." , between the shot of bleeding pole and gagged LiLo? Ways, love the review! Man, I got to start watching more movies magically.


Totally. That wasn't my fault, though -- I've noticed that Typapad has been glitchy lately with, of all things, links. Anyway, I fixed that.

I never read Fear Street, but I did read things of that ilk. Richie Tankersley Cusick and book-fair fare like that.

Oh, and the shovel scene was too dark on my copy to include. Will wait for DVD.


um so like what happened can we just get a spoiler

why is she an amputee i assume its her bionic hand bleeding all over the pole


Thank you for the video, that was awesome. If I had a bionic hand no way would I wear the cover. I'd flaunt the bionics. And now I want to watch the movie, but I want to watch it all 70's grainy like that.


Oh my lord yes. You saw it. I completely agree that it was completely, disgustingly watchable. I especially loved how it was super stylish, but in a really forced way (all those blue fills, Julia Ormond's monologue in the mirror). That bloody pole during the opening credits was the point at which me and my friends started hysterically laughing.


I saw the first few minutes, then walked out. It was that bad. I don't even care to know how it ended, or what the supposed mystery was.

Richie Tankersley Cusick
OMFG brings back memories... teachers pet.. they were SOOO Dramatic!!! christopher pike was the best one.

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