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I practically live around the corner, so I have no excuse not to attend and act like a groupie.


as a child that pheobe cates scene always confused the hell out of me.

it probably still holds that power.


What's Ritalin?


i totally want to come to your reading. I totally live in florida. I totally can not come to your reading. i totally love you.


Rich, I'm moving back to NYC from Phoenix in October & I hope you have another reading this fall so I can be like Shawn-Shawn and attend and act like a groupie. Which I definitely am.


Will Winston be signing autographs? Will you be playing him like an accordian after the reading? Love your blog, wish I could be in NYC for your reading! Jules


I like how the Mo's website is so 2001 in its design and image loading (seriously). I also like how you're aka Rich Fourfour. I was hoping it would be later than 7:00 because I'm not sure I can make it that early on Tuesday. But that's probably a good thing. For you. Kind of like Lisa Simpson explaining jazz: it's not the things you attend, it's the things you don't attend.



Ritalin's used for kids with AHDH but adults love to crush them up and snort them like cocaine. You get the same but kind of high that metaphenamine gives.

Rich, have a good time and break a leg. Wish I could be there but I'm stuck in my pharmacy handing out Ritalin to losers who pretend it's for their kids. Ironic?

Zach Retox

HAHAHAH Gremlins!!!!


Rich you should just go up there and read in a barely audible whisper that descends most often into nothingness, as if you were vocalizing your thought process while digesting your literature, like a simple/gifted person. Or maybe even funnier would be to read it like "the best reader" in a grade 2 class who is proud of being able to pronounce all the big words LOL.



price sign board

This is so funny. I had no idea. With all the wine they drink you would think they would be up for a little fun! So much resentment towards the US. Their loss.....
Congrats on the EP!

price holder

Wow. This all looks so yummy. Even the wee human has a tasty look about his chubby little foot ;-)

acrylic display stand

Thank you so much for posting this, and for taking the time to visit Occupy L.A. I have been supporting the Occupy movement since the beginning through social media, but I haven't visited in person yet. I am optimistic and happy about the movement.

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