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MIA's music is truly great, and I think it will pass the test of time.
Just wish she'd quit masking her uppity art-school educated "student" status by playing up the bit of her life spent in Sri Lanka as the daughter of a rebel. It's like if Keith Urban had spent a year as an exchange student in Nashville and that's why he's "country".


MIA and Sanjaya: separated at birth?


"sliced from the deli, with a plastic fork, while reading Gawker,"

i love you


okay. i finally got it. awesome review of a really, really strong album. i like the first half so much, i often just go back and repeat it before getting to the second half at all - though that's good too. have you heard the bonus tracks from the japanese release? i found them on some blog. good stuff too.

Louis S

I have to agree. Calling this "world" or anything other than hip-hop is missing the point. It's not only hip-hop, it's just about the only fresh hip-hop coming out anymore. It's what made old-school hip-hop so cool: mashup, going somewhere totally different with pieces of the familiar. I just saw her play the Osheaga festival in Montréal last night, and the delivery is pure hip-hop braggadiccio, the message I got was: "we're gonna party now whether you like it or not, and any of you not getting down are not getting it, so fuck you"

Also have to second deeyou's comment: that Timbaland verse is the low point on an otherwise pretty much flawless album.


Timbaland definitely fucked up the cd. Bad choice on M.I.A.'s part. Here she is talking about the third world and kid's with AK's and he's rapping about fucking her. What an idiot


Is nobody here aware that "Boyz" was a cover?



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