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August 23, 2007



im a new reader, but fellow obssesive of ANTM.
from the pics you posted i like Ambreal and Janet. and there is no way that Sarah girl looks plus-sized (*cough* photoshop*cough*)

p.s. i might be mini stalking now that i know you love tyra's brainchild, look, it cant be helped, its not like my BF tolertates the WB...




Erm...apparently Jaslene opened the door and they're now letting in full blown trannies. (see the girl on the bottom left)


If Sarah is the plus sized girl, then I am the walrus.



The blonde in the top left corner has the smallest head-to-body ratio I've ever seen.

so confused...

all skinny girls.


this could get crazy.


Apparently, Sarah the plus size girl is a size 8. This means shes too big for runway and too small for plus size (12-14). Another pointless Tyra pick. So far I'm not impressed with Ambreal, Ebony nor Victoria. Bianca's hair color is horrid. I like Heather and Lisa. Chantal, Kimberly and Mila seem to be pretty popular on the TWOP thread.


That Mila bitch just gots to go.

And bottom-left tranny girl? Definitely holding her tuck down with that leg pose.


They all look the same to me. The names are weird, but not weird enough to be as fabulous as Wholehay (aka ... Brown).

So I'll be rooting for Janet.

In the past, I've wanted the modelettes to be more like "models", but now in a reality tv landscape populated with the likes of Monique's Charm School and Rock of Love ... I really wish the girls were more fat, trashy, skanky, bruised and whorish.

More Wholehay, Less Brown.


Looks like Kimberley will be this season's 'girl with a pug face that really can't model but has UNIQUE features'


Heather's face is amazing in the pic above!! Not so much in the individual pics.


Trannie girl is Jenah. I'm not feeling the Janet love and some are thinking maybe Kimberly will be the short girl of the cycle.


Metallic leg warmer? For a second I thought that bitch had gangrene.... though I wouldn't put that sob story past any of them.


Can't call a winner yet, no one jumps out for me until the makeovers :-) Psyched we got two from Massachusetts. East Coast is dominating, anyone notice?

Two girls from Connecticut? Get out! <3 JENAH and VICTORIA for the win!

Rachel 2

Chantal is from my town! So I'm throwing my support behind her and Mila.


My pick is front row center. :/

Henry Evil

Heather's my fave, Kimberly's a broke down Milla Jovovich, and Ebony is the grossest thing ever.

Diva Delux

i call Heather for the win

also, i love the she-male in the front-left! but shouldn't she be on the new season of American Gladiators?

Scott Free

Is it me, or does Bianca = Brandy in the individual pic?

These chicks look BO-RING! Of course, we won't really find out until we watch, but still, every cycle they look more and more...I don't know...generic?

TyTy and Ken Mok need to figure out a way to do Top Model All-Stars (although this has a limited life-span as most of the eary cycle girls have "aged out" of the competition) or Top Model Crazies (i.e. Lisa, Jael, Monique, etc.) for some kinda excitement.

Either that or shoot the girl who is "no longer in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model."

Zach Retox

No fatties :(

Actually Zach, Sarah is the supposed cycle fatty, except she's too thin to be a plus sized model and "holds too much weight" to be a regular model. She pretty, though.


Fivehead (back row, second from left) for the win! I think her name's Shaleighla? She's the one that sticks out the most to me. Oh by the way, when I saw the pix of next season's girls during last night's commercial I wondered when the newbies would come up here!
I miss Wholahay!


Here's an idea, instead of ATM having yet another season of females, why not try a season of males and females? Or just men? This show is getting VERY redundant.


i think sarah will win for being plus sized... even tho she isnt really plus sized...

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