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It's bizarre. I looked at their individual photos, and I could have sworn I'd seen them all before -- the poses, the figures, the faces... Maybe this is an indication that I'm just done with the show; it has nothing new to offer me. This blog was the only thing that kept me watching last cycle; I knew Rich's quips are funniest in context.

I still [heart] this blog, and I'm not leaving it, but I think I'll try to read a few entires without watching the episodes and see how it works. Hey, it's not like I can't catch up with the re-runs on VH-1 at any given moment.


oh, haha sorry Daniel! I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...


Lisa looks promising.

Mila for the win though. I have to root for my fellow Boston peep!


Both sides of my bed are the wrong side. Hahaa.

see emily play

Good luck with the lot of these broads Rich!! These biyatches look boring boring boring!! Hopefully theres some psychosis running around as there usually is. Cheers!!


Psychosis ftw!


it's gotta be Jenah. :/ she's the only one who gets to ask 3 questions on top model trivia. all the other girls only get 2(I checked the coding, trust me.)


size 8 = plus size?
kiss my fat ass!


Poptarts365, is that you? I think based on the CW vid we can probably call Ebony and Mila the bitches.


I like Janet right now, and I think Sarah's pretty but it is doubtful she'll win--very 'realistic' body, but not the size 2 or size twelve the industry is looking for. Which means if she DOES win, it'll be difficult for her to find work.


I'm very mad because this cycle only has a one hour premiere.
One thing did come out of it though, they're cutting an hour for GossipGirl. So, I guess its not all that bad. -_-


Who the hell picked those awful outfits that they are wearing??
And if that chick is plus size then I am a playboy model.


As a former resident of Northwest Indiana (Valparaiso is included in that much as many of them would like to deny it) and a current (and forever) Chicagoan I never thought I'd see the day BOTH areas were represented. Not sure who to root for but, given this show I will settle for whoever is the least embarassing to be associated with.
I heard one of the model wannabes has ADHD, any idea who?


Lisa IS Tara (CNTM)
Jenah IS Rebecca (CNTM)

Jenah for the win!


I swear Mercedes is in the new Chili's commercials. She's the hostess at the beginning of the ad who says "Welcome to Chili's!"



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Jenah MAYBE go abroad!!


It was fun to take the quiz, to see more of the models' personalities. You can play more than once and get new questions.

Victoria... needs some work... and Lisa's delivery made me laugh.


I noticed there's merchandise on the CW ANTM site. The first season is on DVD and there's a load of other stuff...

Including a MUG RIMMED WITH LEAD PAINT. As if this show hadn't damaged my brain enough.

This white porcelain mug has a curved shape accented by a silver brim. The logo is screen printed in silver and black in the center. $12

WARNING TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: The colored artwork or designs used on this product contain lead and/or cadmium, chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. This warning is required by Proposition 65.


(my niece!!) sarah is the most poised and coolest one, thank you. be nice to her!!


your getting a little snitty.. just remember this antm crap was what made ur blog popular in the first place. jump to it and get the update up mr. slave.

Scott Free

Wow, I bet the above comment makes you want to get right down to work, don't it?


Can't wait for your pre-thoughts Rick. :)

Here are the opening credits (and the url is amusingly rather appropriate):


Names I have decided on for renaming episode this season (can be assigned to the ladies randomly): Norleesha, Ran Quon , Stironda, Betty, Hazel, Fire Eyes, Angelina . Yes, I think it will happen when it's down to 7.


And no one will opt to keep her original name.

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