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August 23, 2007


jtalia again

wow, the girls look more like (dare i say).... models(!)
oh, and btw, that explains why they look boring my friends


They have a Bianca, I smell trouble.

I knwo i shouldn't judge, but I've met maybe 5 Biancas in my life and every damn one of them was just bitchier than the next.

Plus she looks like a a tranny Brandy impersonator.

jack mehoff

Heather 'pops' out the most... like an Orville R. popcorn. She's from Valpo after all. Go Vikings!


you probably are ~sick & tired~ of comments like these, but you and your commentary rock!


"Do you like my quasi futuristic clothing...I designed them myself."



Lots of New Englanders. :D


Have there ALWAYS been this many "students" in the lineup? Seriously, I'd never noticed before. Is that code for "lazy-ass who lives at home and has nothing better to do but slap her welfare brats around"?


the only ones i can deal with, based solely on the photo above, are heather and lisa. even with them, though, the individual pics disappointed. the whole batch just seem really boring and, no, they whole group doesn't look very fashiony at all. ah well. guess i'll have to wait for the damn show...




I wonder which one of them doesn't speak a word of English?


After following commentary here for a couple of cycles, i TiVoed the last cycle - at it was as fun-filled as i imagined. Except about a week after it ended, i kinda felt a little dirty and pissed that i could never get those hours of my life back. i vowed to never watch ANTM again!

but now, it's back, and i think i have to go home tonight and reset my TiVi to record it again. Does this qualify as an addiction?

And as a side note - i'm a size 8 so now i feel even more wretched for my soon-to-be participation in the promotion of unrealistic stereotypes for women. gah! soooo addicted.



Elite models has Jaslene in their NYC show package, alongside their biggest working models. Take a look --



Being included in the show package is a sign of confidence in the girl, especially in a new girl like Jaslene, so look for her on the NYC runways this season.


Man Rich, you're like the mafia...just when I try to get out, you pull me back in. I really vowed to give up the trash that is ANTM, but I have to watch solely to get your ripping commentary. DAMN YOU!!

BTW, any early guesses whos going to be the whiny bitch? the know it all? the one who "will do anything to win", but then cries bloody murder when she has to pose nude or get all her hair chopped off? Yes there is one in every cycle.


I can't wait for this season! From the pics, I like Lisa, but you never can tell. I like Heather and Jenah (the Drag Queen, lol) too. The person that called Ebony the grossest thing ever is an asshole, I think she is beautiful. I'm quite sure there are those that perceive you or someone close to you as the Grossest THING!


uhh Daniel, it might just be me...but most 20 year olds ARE students. University? I'm 21 and yep, I'm a student. That's not code for "I'm on welfare and have kids". I'm sure some of them might be lying but there are tons of girls my age who go to school who would love to do top model.


oh, and we're not all lazy either. You don't need to be a student to be lazy :P


I can't wait for the new cycle of recaps to begin!!! BTW, I LURVE your banner. Totally had me giggling this morning.

Joe Marrazzo

I love you Rich - I love how your first line is SAVE YOUR E-MAILS because you KNOW as soon as we see the news, this is the first place we run to. Appearances only - I'm feelin' Janet, Kimberly & Sarah. The rumor was 2 Asians were on this round, am I missing the,?


K: Yeah, I know that. (I'm a student myself, or I was until this June.) It was a joke. Based on the idea that once you get to know these bitches, you really start to wonder how many of them are actually students and how many of them are just skanks looking for something to put on their ANTM application.


Ye gads, they're so fucking skinny!!

I'm rooting for Lisa. Here's to a pre-show afro ho (see Jade, Brandy, CNTM's Tara) who actually looks like she has some maturity in her (and who can also hopefully take good pics - love ya Cassandra!).

Tyra is apparently cracking down on them old bitches too -- the youngest is 22. O_o

Oh, and ANOTHER Ebony?! Hopefully this one keeps the moisturizing on point and doesn't get it twisted. >_<


wow theres that a couple of girls that dont make it to the end for sure- theres some pornolicious strategically hidden crotch shots in that pic just- no one wants a spread-eagled next top model, do they?

Monica C.

Winner: Kimberly

*Caveat: Sarah could be the first "plus sized" winner

I am just so glad I am not exactly 19.5 years old, because I would desperately be trying to stretch my legs to meet the minimum height requirement to get on ANTM.

Maybe one day she'll have the America's Next Old Tired Mama contest?

Monica C.

D A M N! I just saw the 2nd picture that was posted above. Here's the link:


WTF? Jaslene looks HORRIBLE. How can ANYONE think being that skinny is a good thing???


Dude, I could break Jaslene in half by tapping her lightly with my index finger. Give that girl a sandwich.

Ambreal. God, I love her just for the name -- is this another Furonda in the making?

But she's kinda giving a Dionne "She Look Mean" look, so it'll be a nice toss-up.

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