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August 03, 2007



Oh my god, I love when he just puts his face down inside the glass and looks down. So sad and amazing.


My cat used to do the same thing to my water glasses regardless whether she could fit her head down there on not. I don't have video but I have tons of photos of it.


1) winston is so gay.

2) my cat once got her head stuck in pursuit of milk. i can still see her rearing her head up, moving left and right, confused as all hell. fortunately it was a plastic cup, so we felt free to spend a good 10 seconds laughing at her before getting her out of it. comedy gold!


LOL. I love how Winnie was circling the glass before he went down for the last time...

My Muggles loved to drink out of my exes mother's crystal when she was a kitten. He would freak! I thought it was darling.

As she's grown she's become partial to anything latte with foam...


Ooooooh, I love Winston so much! I just want to squeeze him til his entrails are running down my forearms!


That is adorable and hilarious! Thanks for the morning laugh.

PS I think you might have posted this twice - just a heads up!


Winston's head is looking HUGE.


"My Muggles loved to drink out of my exes mother's crystal when she was a kitten. He would freak! I thought it was darling."

Could this be some kind of quote of the day or something?

I like the furrows in Winston's forehead. What was Rudy doing during all of this? Filling the coal scuttle or something?


Between the circular scene-change bubble and the close up of Winston's face squished into the glass, I thought I was watching a lost Star Wars scene for a second there.


winston is very polite about his pursuit. my cat would have tipped over the glass and ran so that she wouldn't get blamed for it (even if no one saw her) and then come back later and slurp it all up.


I'm so out of touch with gay culture, I'm gay and I've never had a protein shake (at least a non sexual one) in my life. I always feel so left out...


Oh Rich, you made me laugh outloud in my cube once again. Love you and adore Winston!


My god, I can never get sick of your cats!

adorable... my kittys prefer to continuously dip their paws in the glass and lick, until it is gone. That is a lot of work.


He's so determined!
I absolutely LOVE Winston!


lol.. the look on his face when you're trying to get him to stop is just like "GET OFFA ME!"


aww i love winston! you're lucky he's not like my old cat who would knock all the cups off my coffee table. or anything standing for that matter. it was its favorite hobby.


"filling the coal scuttle or something"

Ivy you are hilarious.


Chuckled in an empty room over seeing this. You're pulling him off the shake like a crackhead off the pipe. One more hit! One more, I swear!

That cat is going to die of gluttony, shaving, and overwashing.


Lovely, gentle allusion to The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Am I misremembering, or does the protagonist drink a lot of creamy, foamy Brandy Alexanders?
I do hope Winston moves on to the hard stuff soon. The comic possibilities are endless.

the cajun boy

"Being gay, we drink a lot of protein shakes in this apartment."...thatmade me spit coffee all over my screen.


awww winnie, you fur is growing back, goodtimes.


My favorite vid since Rudy ate the crisps!

If we were stupid enough to leave the cream out, our cats would wait for the coast to clear, and then jump up on the kitchen counter, sit on either side of the cream jug, and take turns demurely dipping their paws into it and then licking them.

Then they'd shit dairy foam all over the carpet for the rest of the day.


Ooh, Brandy Alexanders ftw!

I like how he thinks that if he just goes to the other side of the glass, the whole situation will change. But it's a little like me when I decided to diet, so drink a Slim Fast, but I'm so frickin hungry that I gulp it down too fast, then try so hard to get the last drops out. Anywho, why didn't Winston just put his paw in and lick it off, like my kitty does when he can't get his whole head in the glass?


Aw Winston, I so <3 your furry logic.

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