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August 22, 2007



Rich, what kind of dog is Ernie? Beyond adorable.

miss christy

that commercial is fabulous! and those chicks may very well be hookers, but then again they could just be girls the club hires to make themselves look cooler and more exclusive. i used to work for a promotions company in philly where myself and other girls were basically hired by clubs to dance in skimpy outfits, flirt with people, and do body shots off eachother. we werent strippers or anything, its literally called a "vip promotion". randomness, but you know the guidos are into it! haha


Your "OVER THE HEAD" reference just made my August.


I worked with Lucas Prata back in the early 2000s, and he's a really sweet guy who means well...but yeah, he totally is exactly how he comes off on stage. The Beatstock crowd is his ideal audience.

And the VIP commercial is the BEST. That is truly hilarious!


Is there a magic bubble over Long Island that forces everyone in side to dress and style (and tan) themselves in a way identical to everyone else in the last 20 years? It's some freaky sci-fi sh!t.


Ernie will now be dog-napped. He is just way too cute!


Sometimes I'm ashamed to be Italian. This is definitely one of those times.


I have nothing clever to say. I almost married an Italian from Long Island. The only thing I miss is Christmas Eve fish dinners.

Ernie looks like a cross between Winston and Mr. Winkle.

And finally, how I'd love to be the tender brown meat in a Rich/BF panini.

Since I'm Italian and go to Italy every couple of years (my mom's family livse there) I can completely assure you that NO ONE there looks like what these Italians look like. I don't even understand how this look started, but it still scares me.


Are we certain that all the women in the Nikon gallery aren't just replicas of one ur-GuidoWoman?


Rich, this had me cracking up. As a lover of freestyle I honestly considered attending but as a black man, I'm glad I didn't. Where there any other people there besides Italians? I saw one token black guy in the pics and looked scared ...LOL. That dog Ernie just confirmed why I need to get one in the worst way. Too cute!


Your Over Our Heads reference made me so happy. And I love that you didn't explain it.

As for the strip club, I've been. Sunday night is gay night. Go at around 6 for happy hour (half-price drinks and cover). Trust me, it's worth the price of admission strictly it as an anthropological study.


I moved to NYC three years ago and got a place on Staten Island because it was cheap. Didn't understand why people made fun of me until I saw an entire ISLAND of people that look like that every damn day!Even the parents! Mom's sharing nail tip and tanning pointers while Dad helps gelling the hair! Jesus Christ!
I work with a guy from Italy, and he physically wants to kill these people who fly the flag but are second, third, fourth generation and speak no Italian whatsoever. Not that I'm complaining, but why are they corraled in only Staten Island, Long Island, or the Jersey Shore? Does a giant alarm sound if they step into Manhattan or does the class of the borough weaken their Guido-ness like kryptonite to Superman?

Also, I love how so many of the girls are the "fat pretty" types, where if they lost 40-50lbs they'd be smokin' hot, but right now they'll just settle for a giant muffin top stomach bulging from skin tight low rise jeans and think no one can see it if they throw an Abercrombie hoodie over it to hide their sins.


You and your BF are too cute. I loved "That expression on my face approximates John Waters engaging with French tickler, while I believe my boyfriend's face is about to slide off of his head."

By the way, I cheer to myself every time I see one of those Vh1 commercials that has your name printed on the screen. The last step in your Vh1 domination will be Winston getting his own show, I think...


I am originally from L.I. but haven't lived there since I was about 9...but these pictures made me homesick for my childhood when I thought Jews and Italians were the same thing (I am Jewish) because all the Jews and Italians I knew had big hair, long nails, loud voices, lots of opinions and made good food (and lots of it)!

Henry Evil

Those pictures had me cracking up. Also your boyfriend is hot.

finding the filth

OMG - add a touch more hairspray & a parking lot full of i-rocks and camaros and it's friggin highschool all over again for me.

also - i was at the "old" VIP club once. it's a strip club for sure. bought my friend a lap dance there as a going away present. i promise you that the staff and bouncers were at the KTU event...


i'm from long island and sunday my softball team decided to go out to hooters (don't ask) to celebrate our being mercy ruled and the waitress was like 'i'm actually leaving cause i gotta go to beatstock.' We were all like 'what is beatstock' or 'thats so typical'. she's in the sixth picture! what are the odds??

i also have to stick up for long island - we aren't all so tan and gelled - i swear!


Random story - my friends brother went to high school with Raul Puig, aka "Lucas Prata".

by the way - that means he is like in his late 30's and singing a song with the lyrics 'and she said yeah, yeah, yeah, oh oh.'


Those pictures made me remember my Long Island childhood. And why I didn't lose my virginity until college.



i am at a loss as a lover of freestyle i can't clap to this

however i used to work with a nj girl who from outside appearances seemed normal

imagine my surprise to find out she was a racially ambigous blasian who listened to ktu i was mortified

sometimes i miss our rides to jersey city listening to jingles for ladies night at a club in lodi

i too spotted the lone black man it was like where's waldo...


"It's like the Cobrasnake but...raw."
I just started laughing out loud at work and now I'm getting dirty looks because I should be doing "real" work, not reading a blog!


How is the VIP Club for Bachelorette parties? Did I see one shirtless guy gyrating? I feel offended.

Then I look at that animated gif again and all is better.

I'm just sayin'...

I can't decide which is cuter: Rich or Ernie...


Unsurprisingly, I went to high school with 2 subjects of those photos.

My work here is done.

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