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i went to school with one of those girls!


I'm from Long Island and I don't look like that. But yes, they make me embarassed to be from there. Soooo South Shore.

And not ever in Manhattan? Psssh... step into any club on the weekend and that's exactly who you'll find.


The two dudes in the first photo look like the Gottis. I have nothing like this in Canada, so I can't relate. But loooooove the hair on the chubby girl second photo down. You know that shit took TIME.


RANDOM QUESTION RICH, but I think I saw you in the city yesterday. It looked like you. you were on a bench holding a suitcase, and a trenchcoat-esque coat, listening to your ipod. and eventually you left. ughhh, maybe I just thought it was you because the guy was bald and fashionable.


Those pictures could have been in my high school yearbook. Yes, I'm from Staten Island.


Ernie versus Winston! Make it happen!!


Winston will FUCK. HIM. UP.

Henry Evil

stellakowalski, we have ginos in Canada, don't we? Well I guess it depends where you live. In Toronto there are ginos everywhere.


Gus, Rich is bald but not fashionable. Remember the baby blue hammerhead sharks T-shirt?



The hubby doesn't read any of your blogs but I talk about you all the time. Plus he's got to torrent all the shows you blog.
Showed him the pic of you and your boyfriend. He agrees, you're both good looking guys.(I would describe you guys as HOT but the hubby doesn't want me to make him sound too gay)


The new ANTM girls are (probably) being released today! There are already some that were revealed on Entertainment Tonight.


Omg, dude, that dog looks like a sloth.


I'm an Italian girl from Long Island and I would just like to say that I do NOT look anything like these girls...
However, I do have to say that I left LI about two years ago, and apparently people look EXACTLY the same...just another reminder as to why I got the hell out of there...


"men" indeed! i imagine them on their way into the mensroom to get nasty with one another. mmmmmm, gay guido action!

ps - ur bf is hotttt!


Over Our Heads - heh. Classic.


This is like bizarro land to me. What th hell? I am genuinely perplexed.

Also OMGay that puppy!

This entry just put me right back in HS. And I grew up in lower Westchester County. Everyone looks almost exactly the same. Hilarious.


Strippers usually start out in "gowns" like those. Then they, well, you know... strip!

ps: lovin Ernie!
pps: you have to admit Italians are a great looking people with a trashy sense of style.


OMG...this post is the hotness!

Lucas Prata? Long island guidos in distressed denim, wearing banana hair clips and all holding the cigarette in their left hands?



I'm from LI and went to school down in Maryland. I met my first super Italian-American who was from Annapolis, and I had I had a hard time believing that they could exist without a thick BK accent and bling. Given this post I'm sure most people could identify with my surprise! :)
P.S The girl who LOVED Lucas Prata is from my hometown and I am overcome with pride.


stellakowalski: We DO have guidos/ginos like this in Canada. Go to a magical, mystical place called Woodbridge and you'll never be the same...


The third photo down, the girl on the left with that funky ass hair looks like Rachel Dratch.

Rich: Great post.


Loving that I live in LA right now.

And I know my bald ass has no room to talk, but are guys STILL doing that fucking gelled up anime spikey hair shit there? Fucking retarded.

Love you, love your blog.


OMG...everyone looks exactly the same! I am from LI, moved to Texas when I was 7, moved back to LI when I was 17. Some how, I missed the big-hair phase. Moved upstate NY about 6 years ago, and every time I return to LI, I am scared.

My SIL looks like the girls in those photos. I once overheard someone say that she was a beautiful girls until she opened her mouth to speak. LI accent to the max, baby!!

Rich & BF = HOTTie-HOT-HOT!!!

Love the doggie...Lhasapso?


Rich -- you are even cuter than the dog.

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