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Rich, I kinda wanna make out with you and your boyfriend. Or watch you two make out.

Just sayin'.


That shark shirt is actually white and mint green, and there's a difference between bald and buzzed. Saying.

But no, I don't own a trench coat. Ernie is shih tzu, but more importantly: my lover.


I wish wish wish wish that the kids in these pictures could see this blog and realize "Wow, I look like a dumbass!" More likely they'd just curse Rich out for "hatin'".

Alabama Florists

Viva Italia! Nice photos!


I can't help but notice that you and the BF are the only guys not climbing all over each other in these photos. Bromance is in the air.

I love your posts so very much. Thank you for all the joy you bring me, Rich.


Those pics remind me of this site:

...except for the 'hot chicks' part. Yikes.


Ok, from Texas, cannot relate to this so, I had to read the comments to figure out what a "Guido" is. Down here, we have goat ropers and FUPAs (one that has a Fat Upper Pussy Area)and squeezes it into Rocky Mountain jeans with very long zippers, which only accentuate the FUPA. One question: why do all the boys have such large foreheads? Is that part of the Guido/Gino look?


Thank you for reminding me of the good old days (actually, mediocre old days)when I lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I have red hair and pale skin, which was enough to repel even the horniest, cologne-iest of Guidos. I never did manage to attract a fine (fooooyne) boyfriend whilst wandering the wilds of 86th Street in Brooklyn. They don't make 'em like that in San Francisco; as long as I live here, I will probably never see a spiky-haired, Roman-nosed lad draped in the Italian flag. And that is a damn shame.


Kenna: Also from Texas and I totally agree with the FUPA? But you forgot about mall hair and daisy dukes...two things that have failed to leave the fashion realm of Texas. While others left it in the 90's, we have embraced it.

Again, Rich: You are one cool cat.


Blair: Ahhh, yes, the teasing of the bangs with extra Aqua Net. I've actually seen rocky mountain jeans fashioned into daisy dukes...shudder. I have another question, do these Guidos/Ginos refer to each other as such? I can't help but be reminded of the Oompa Loompas, these people look like,Oompa Loompas.


you went to beatstock but missed paul van dyk in central park?! tssk tssk. was a good show, and the rain actually made things better, instead of getting hair gel all over everything.


I had no idea people like that actually existed except on reality TV.


Wow, that dog is adorable. And apparently wearing mittens.


co-sign where are my peeps and henry evil.

i love freestyle, and in toronto at any given downtowb club on any given weekend, you can party till your hair melts with our very own z103... i am usually the token lone black girl at these clubs when i go with my gina-fied girlfriends, but i care not.

italian boys heart me, and i them.

Gretchen Weiners

Wow. My knowledge of Long and/or Staten Island is limited to MTV True Life, but I guess they weren't lying. What scary places. Rich, you are a better (wo)man than I.


I grew up in Philly and in certain neighborhoods the guys (and girls) had the same look -- and yes, twenty years later still do. And still do. Its frightening. I didn't realize until college that my favorite artists such as Stevie B (he was HUGE in Philly, I snuck out to see him "play" at an underage club when I was 13!!) and Lil' Suzy were not nationally if not internationally famous and beloved. I was shocked. Still have them on my Ipod. Guido/Gino is my favorite, can't wait until my 10-year HS reunion this fall to relive it all. Yikes. Also am now recalling my terrible fake nails.


oh. my. god. this made my week.


Do any non-guidos shop at Armani Exchange?


The VIP! I dragged my friend there to apply for jobs when it first opened. I was desperate for cash but apparently like 1,000 whores beat me to it and they weren't accepting any other applications! But now, I am sort of glad I didn't get in there.

And I have not seen that many orange people since the last time I watched Willy Wonka.


As someone who lives on Long Island - I just want everyone to know there is a segment of the population that is not part of the "guido nation"... check out this site for the proof:

Natalie N

LOL @ the VIP Commercial -- I was also watching Survivorman and literally sat and rewound the DVR to see this commerical again for myself...The gif is also definitely the BEST lol


I checked out Whoever made it deserves a medal. I'm Irish and Italian and I'm ready to rock the anti-Guido shirts for sale!

Blow out? Blow me!




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