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September 24, 2007



I LOVE YOU! Welcome back, Monday Joy.


I come into work and before I even do any work or grab some coffee, I'm perched here reading your recap. You never disappoint Rich! You assessment of these girls was spot on! For some reason I'm living for Lisa as I feel this is her ticket out of stripperdom and into rap videos (or something like that). You're the only reason I enjoy Mondays!


First! Oh Rich, you kill me. I've missed your recaps so much.

I need Tyra to make Mila cry. Maybe at the acting exercise episode? That is, if she lasts that long...


Ahhh, this post reminds me of how I feel on Christmas morning.


Everytime Jennifah spoke all I could hear was JFK from Clone High: "Pawtee Platahh"

Gayest Neil

Fabulous as always! I'm rooting for Janet.


Thank you for reminding me why I wake up on Mondays - fabulous!


Are you planning on attending the Tyra Show at some point since it's moved to nyc?

Ah, I've missed this.

Cycle 9 will rock.


Whoa cameltoe!


Whoa! Tyra's jumblies looked ferocious in that drag queen gear.


Why does Tyra look like a Bajoran or Klingon in all the "stank" pictures?

That's just not right...

Yeah!!!!!!! You just made Monday mornings fun again.....


Ahhh, Monday mornings are worth waking up for again.


Oh thank god for mondays ANTM recaps.
Im so glad you are on Team Heather with me. hahaha that awkward bitch is what made this 1st episode to me.
i cant wait to see how they mess them up with makeovers.


YES YES YES on the cousin Shelly thing!

But does anyone get a Rihanna vibe from Saleisha?


You are effing hilarious. Thanks for making my Monday!

Finally! A reason to look foward to monday mornings!


Madame M

Oh man..... someone is going to have to start a blog recapping your recaps-- you had some utter winners in there.

I briefly toyed with the idea of skipping this cycle of ANTM. But then I wouldn't have your recaps to gladden my Mondays.

Life would lose a little meaning.


"Before you die you see The Thing" I didn't notice it in the episode but that screencap will haunt my sleep forever. What's wrong with you??

Heather and Bianca, along with Lisa, were some of my standouts. Heather's "pretty lady & Tyra" bit was kinda awesome. I think Bianca will be a bigger bitch than what she paints herself to be (see previews for Ep. 1) but she's fierce. Lisa needs a makeover but she's modelesque and like you said, redemption arc in the hizzle.

Ebony and her five-o-clock shadow can suck it. Don't care if your mama was a crackhead, you are still stanky. Saleisha is boring and I read somewhere that her mom is a porno actress?? Ambreal is cute as hell but those denim gaithers? She's dead to me. Victoria looks like one of the S7 twins and James Van Der Beek had a huge-headed baby. And then that baby grew up and fucked Mr. Ed. Chantal = undercover biatch.

Love your posts especially some of the "Nasty" remarks (said in my best Spontaniuse voice)


Don't leave me.


I never left! I love you and I'm with Gretchen - your recaps feel like Christmas. And if you ever move to MN I will be your best friend and feed Winston when you go on vacation.

You forgot to mention Tyra's evil glee when Miss J was mocking Mila's stick-up-the-ass walk. Dude, are these bizzos in kindergarden?


denim horse in her bloodline...dude thats awesome


Love Heather, she is gorgeous.
Saleisha is totally Rihanna.
Janet is a man baby!
Why in the hell would Sarah pull a snot rag out of her nose? Is she a 12yr old boy?

Love you Rich, can't wait for more.


I knew it! I knew you would do a spontaniouse combustion joke!
amazing as usual! especially the blobjobfaces and that final gif of tyra!


Thanks for recapping. I instinctively click on your blog every monday and now I'll have something new to see. I agree that trya was a bitch this episode, I think she's going to get really mean this cycle.


I can't get over how much Marvita looks like Whip-Snap from this cycle of Who Wants to Be a Superhero~ AND they both had stories of being abandoned by their mom and growing up on their own/foster care/homeless. I think Tyra missed a perfect crossover opportunity which would have touchingly reuinted these family-less girls.

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