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September 18, 2007



I agree completely. And though I have never been a huge fan of hers. Watching her be the ONLY ONE who actually "SANG" during the VMA's, it gave people a chance to see A) How talented she truly is and B) How good the song really is, despite being as simple and almost dated as it is.

Driver B

Thanks for this analysis. I have always liked her but felt she had the potential for more. . .so I'll be looking forward to this new release.

One thing that had me confused though - the title for this entry is a Jill Scott song. Right?


Rly? I thought it was kind of unlistenable.


the first time i heard it i thought "this is it?" i felt it had nothing on you dont know my name, but then i heard it the second time, and loveed it. i figured it was because i was bias, but now that i read this, it def made sense. i love her, esp live.

side note...


plus, her retro album cover rocks


Glad you posted on this because I saw her on the VMA's and it felt like the only organic moment (i mean the only organic moment that didn't involve decay cuz I guess Brit Brit...well, whatever) when she sang this song.

But I've been so like: Alicia Keys, Talented Snoozerville, for so long that it still didn't actually occur to me that I really like the song until I just popped over to iTunes to listen to it again and realized this will be my new "I'm excited by and in love with pop music again and why did I ever think it was over" song for the next few months...so thanks!


Your sister is right! Glad to see you're keeping it posi.

Donny B

Despite the few odd details that mix it up a bit, I still find it to be a bit of a snore. The piano is once again of the "hypnotic scale" type as you mentioned. The only part I really liked was the end, with the back-and-forth "oh-OH! oh-OH!" That was cool.


Positiveness (not positivity--I hate that word) is thoroughly overrated.


I loved both of those songs too! I'm a sucker for the beat --though, ironically, I've heard from others that the very reason they don't like these songs is the repetitive, "boring" beat.
My latest obsession of the same sort is "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Heard it yet?


Oh, how I love this song. And oh, how I hated Alicia Keys until last week when I first heard this song.

Yeah, I'm a slut like that.

Brandon H

Soo nice, thanks.


Love the KB comparison. She is my fave after more than 20 years of listening. I agree with the Alicia assessment. Can't wait to hear what she and John Mayer do on the new release.


I don't know if you've noticed, Rich, but you seem to mention your balls a lot.


thanks for the heads up. i missed the vma's and probably would have ignored this track cause i generally find keys boring. the track's 4/4 beat grabbed me right away and the vocals surprised me. i suspect it might grow on me more too. it'll be interesting to see if she lives up to the kate bush comparison though. if she does, we've got good stuff coming. yay :)


Don't cut down on the mean, I like you mean. The piss 'n' vinegar attitude works for me. Although this was very good too. When I first heard 'No-one' I was like, 'Yeah, whatever, so, so', because I feel about Alicia Keys the way you previously did 'Her voice is strong but ultimately plain-jane, and her songs tend to glide from the middle of the road into a ditch'.
But your review makes me want to listen again, so I can hear what you're hearing. Her first singles are always fairly tight, the important question is: does the album follow through?

Also: House? Coming back? Arrrrrrrggggh? Somebody build me a bunker.


Positivity is overrated. There is nothing wrong with being negative. If you're not pissed off right now, there's something wrong with you...


And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!


I never really understood why every press junket said Chris Brown was the best performer at the VMAs. Alicia actually performed a great song and a great remake of a George Michael song. Chris Brown just did a Chaplin-meets-Michael Jackson impersonation.

Rich fan

Glad you're feeling this. Thought I was the only one.


well positive ain't where i live......i'm still dying.


Not loving the song. Actually hating it, maybe it will grow on me. Then again, I never really cared for A. Keys. She's alright, I just feel she shines in music because Clear Channel has helped mediocrity become the new black.

Much rather listen to Jill Scott, Leela James or Erykah Badu.


thank you for summing up my feelings on Alicia Keys and her new song so much better then I ever could!!


thank you for summing up my feelings on Alicia Keys and her new song so much better then I ever could!!


I find Alicia Keys utterly boring. My bf refers to her as 'the new Debbie Gibson', someone who writes and produces all their own stuff and has a fondness for all things piano. LOL.

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