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September 18, 2007



The song is really great. Yes the lyrics are simple but the WAY she sings it makes it have more meanning! I'm always like this girl believs what she is singing. It is her delivery that makes it stand out. Not because she has the best voice of our generation but because she believes it and she knows that her lyrics have a deeper meaning. The emotion that she puts into the second verse "when the rain is pouring down and my heart i hurting" its like I feel pain at that moment. Also i think you are right when U say this album will put her into the possibility of being a musical genius because she says there are different sounds on this album, she is using pedals with her keyboard that gives a whole new sound that people wouldn't expect, then they use diff mics to give different sounds on her vocals she is obviously singing in diff keys. As far as Alicia being overrated I think it is because she came from outta no where with a new sound doing things totally different from anyone else at that time and the media latched on. On top of that she was marketed as the next virtuoso, as the savior of soul music. She was put in that neo soul category but she had mainstream success. The thing I like about Alicia is that she didn't say those things about herself it is what people had to say. Now they wanna say she is overrated? Well they, you, I overrated her. All she did was put out some music that the public seems to love at least the numbers would say they love it. I became a fan when I saw Alicia live I bought her second album almost a year after it was released cause I listened to a friend's she was doing a show so me and some friends went after that I had to go back and buy the first album. Her unplugged CD is great too cause she can sing live. A lot of artist can't do that now a days! I'm excited for her new CD i think it is going to be a breath of fresh air!

Sara Paxton

You make me so proud to love music. I knew exactly what you were talking about in every sentence. Wow, Seriously, I have been grumpy too lately, maybe I should go apologize to my friends...





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