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September 27, 2007



Ha! I was just watching Strangers with Candy this morning! I love Amy Sedaris! I want to visit her house and make crafts with googly-eyes.

Brandon H

Hahaha, Martha's jokes came off a little defensive and mean, don't you think? I don't watch the show, so either she's the most uncomfortable person when it comes to banter or didn't care for Sedaris' comments.

Either way, it was enjoyable watching Amy.


I laughed so hard hearing "bongwater" said multiple times on Old Lady Prim and Proper's tight assed show.

For some reason, the word bongwater makes me giggle like a fool. It ranks second only to 'Wholahay' and just ahead of 'incontinence'.

<3 you Amy (and Rich).

Average Jane

I just caught a glimpse of this on TV at work with no sound on. Amy Sedaris is the perfect guest to take Martha Stewart down a few pegs while Martha remains oblivious.


The most profound question of my life thus far: "Who do I love more, Amy or David?" It keeps me up at nights.


Awesome! Thanks for watching the boring bits to sift out the brilliance so that we don't have to!

Now if only Merrill Markoe would pay Martha Stewart a visit…


i have the same problem.. i was a lover of david for years and then amy pops out of the mold infested woodwork and steals my heart.

i dont think martha stewart is oblivious to the statements amy sedaris is making , but as a day time talk show i would just assume she is trying to slide over them.


Saw this on the internets yesterday (can't see it here cuz its youtube). I love how Martha refuses to acknowledge the word, idea or concept of bongwater. "BOGwater?" Come on Martha, you know you enjoyed the occasional spliff in the joint.

I remember maybe 5 or 6 years ago The Rock was on Martha's show and they made cookies. She was practically GIGGLING she was so giddy to be near such a hot hunk of manflesh. Martha likes 'em big and strapping.

Amy Sedaris is divine.

dizzy blonde

Thank you Rich for seeing this.
I was on the floor laughing and wondering what all those Martha people were thinking. I love, love, love Amy Sedaris and this is only the 2nd time catching the Martha show. Is she always so arrogant to her guests? Amy was disarmingly brillant. She need to go see "The View".


How did I miss this? Martha totally piffed (thanks Renee from ANTM cycle 8!) me off with her A-1 & smoked gouda scoffing. Amy totally took her down a couple pegs & looked fabulous doing it. Love her!


i too love the sedarises. i think i'm in love with the youngest brother the most though.

Why didn't they make hot fruit?


I actually caught the end of this and wanted to see the whole thing! thank you for posting it. I love the Sedaris's...(Sedarii?) so much.


I agree with MeMe...the youngest brother is the best. His foul mouth makes me laugh hard.

But Amy and David rock my world.


Thank you so much for bringing the awesome that is Amy Sedaris. If there's anyone I ever want to see dressed up in a '60s Barbie Date Night dress, it's her. FABULOUS!


I love her.
Last time they made the Lady Baltimore cake...only for special occasions.


I love her.
Last time they made the Lady Baltimore cake...only for special occasions.


Haha I am soooo making "Blue Ball Blue-Cheese Balls" at my next party. Thanks, Amy.


Old Lady Prim?

Martha's cool. Love her and Amy both when they're on Conan's show.

Henry Evil

I'm a little dumbfounded that you wrote about Amy Sedaris as I've been obsessed with her appearances on talk shows for the past summer. Although I have to say she's a bit more sedated on Martha than she is on say, Letterman, where she's in her prime.


miss jay on top model last night looked like diana ross in the wiz during panel.


Best part:

Martha: It's easier if you soak these in uh, ice water for just a couple minutes.
Amy: Live alone?

Love her.

finding the filth

shes too fabulous. love her!


I love Amy. Thanks for posting this. We don't get Martha here in Cairo.


.. I don't know.. I think Martha handled herself well.

I saw Martha and Jennifer Garner when I was at the gym.. with the sound off. It seemed VERY catty to me.

I liked... "Are these pe-CANS?" "Pe-cawns, pe-CAWWWWWNS"

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