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September 20, 2007




I agree. This was a pretty damn good episode, and it was only the semi-finals. It was probably the best casting episode the show has ever had, I'd say.

Joe Marrazzo

I'm psuper psyched that Rich's ANTM recaps are back in business. Once again, Monday's suddenly have a new, wonderous meaning.

I think I'm getting un-cynical in my old age, but I genuinly like these girls. Not as models, hell no - but as PEOPLE. How fucked up is that? When did I start that bullshit?

Of course the girl from Chi-town is a douchbag. Man. Heather is my doppleganger - socially awkward, yet stunning to look at. Boy, I know that life!
Mila - explain it to me, Rich. I just don't get it. She looks like her face was packed with Amanda Lepore's left-over sculpting cement. Lisa - wasn't she the big sister on the Cosby Show? The one who named her twins Winnie and Nelson? Kimberly - less sexy in person. Sara - totally feelin her after the snot rag. Janet - when the most interesting thing about you is how well you polish the taint, it's time to call it a day.

It's gonna be a good season, yo.


Can't score a torrent yet. Who cares? Rich is recapping!!!


Sorry, Rich. Have to ask. Who's your new "hero"? I always Google when you have a new hero but I have no idea about this girl. Can you or anyone answer please?


Gyn- I think it's from that movie Dune?


I think I do look forward to your recaps more than the actual episodes. While I watch I think "I can't wait to see what Rich has to say about this!"


Rich's new "hero" is Alicia Witt's (!) first role when she was like 7 or 8: Alia Atreides from the David Lynch version of Dune.

I can really imagine Tyra as the Baron Harkkonen, all corpulent and floating in a harness. "The spice must flow... and it must be fierce!"

back to lurking.


Duh! *slaps self on head*

Thanks kiki and Acerbia!


Tyra's singing + high-pitched girl screeching + weave drama + "heighth" = OW MY FACE. But in a good way.


Love the new hero pic...Dune is one of my fave Lynch movie....I can really imagine Tyra as the Baron Harkkonen, all corpulent and floating in a harness. "The spice must flow... and it must be fierce!" Thanks for that little gem, Acerbia!

Rich, Monday, Tuesday, whenever you can, babe....luv ya!!!


I like the one with Aspbergers syndrome...what's her name? Autistica?

And Jersey City is in Jersey subtitle guys. Not New York.


OMG! I know you do recaps on Monday, but when I saw the picture of J., I was like "Is it possible? Did Rich put up a new recap this fast? Is this the greatest day of my LIFE?!?!"

But, alas, I will wait until Monday. Please, don't punish us with Tuesday. We promise we'll be good!

trick please

Damn, I missed it!


So did the show reach new levels of gay with the Tyra entrance this year?


I taped this to watch it after Kid Nation, and Tyra's entrance made me rewind thrice. Thrice!





is all i have for today...

Gayest Neil

Would that be the grandma who had her power cut off to buy you a bathing suit? The grandma who raised you when yo crackhead momma ran away?

The girls this cycle are truly stellar:

Crackhead mommas? Yale University? Child rape? One girl ALREADY proclaiming how much she LOVES her hair!? Evil, ghetto girl on the path to redemption? Asberger's Syndrome?

I'm predicting a crying count higher than any two season's combined.


Oh DUNE and ANTM, how can I have so much in common with a total stranger? Plus I am a midwestern mom! But really who doesn't love a movie with Kyle MacLachlan, Patrick Stewart and a steamy Sting in bright blue man panties!

I think this may be the best year ever! NO I shouldn't speak so quickly. But my husband and I both felt really bad for the girl from Alaska. She was so sweet and genuine and Tyra totally broke her down. She made her cry instantly. She tore her wall down! If only Brett had the same ability with Brandi and Jes! HAHA

James Derek Dwyer

what about my lady- Spontaniouse?? I am still in shock and cannot even talk... That's even better than when I worked at PacBell and had to call people to correct their billing addresses. Ever have to ask for Lasagna Brown to come to the phone? How about Swannetta Jones?? Ms. Ovary Smith anyone??



Rich, I thought of you when Mila said she never cries. Let's hope she breaks that habit and contributes to the crying count.


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.


I don't know if I'm more excited about the show being back, or recaps being back. Surriously. There were at least three moments during the show last night that I thought, "I cannot WAIT to see what he has to say about this!" Love you, bitch.


All season long, I will mourn the premature loss of Spontaniouse.


I thought Spontaniouse's name was Sporadic for about half the episode...my bad!


My husband and I decided that Tyra is more like the drag version of Tyra than she is the normal female version. If that makes any sense.

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