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"I like know things. I read books."


I was totally Team Renee last cycle, and I couldn't believe when the judges said she looked old. And now they choose Ebony for the top 13? She looks 35!


Can I just say this shit was funny:

The spice must flow... and it must be fierce

I never imagined I'd see ANTM and Dune collide in a culture reference. You, Acerbia, complete me.

Otherwise, like the rest of the world I can't wait till Monday. I wonder if anyone was surprised when Tyra axed Marvita? I couldn't remember who the final 13 were so I got to watch ANTM and be genuinely surprised. It was like believing in Santa Claus again for a brief moment.


Uh, Joe? A doppleganger would have to look like you. But your name is Joe and her name is Heather.

How does that work, then? ;-)

Steve Abramson

Well I didn't expect to see anything until Monday like others, but as usual, fourfour is my morning stop of the day...

Everyone has said everything that could be said.

It'll be a couple of weeks before I learn everyone's names... but three of my four "favorites" were the last three called (sigh)...

Janet smacking Tyra's ass got the three of us at home whooping and hollering

Heather's illness does instantly make her the dark horse of the competition but she CAN represent the ordinary.

Lisa, the "dancer" (I need to watch "Showgirls" again)... I just liked her and she started the crying early (by the second or third name called the waterworks were already on...)

Last girl I like was the alleged-plus size girl... doing that nose thing at her interview (and being edited to be unfunny) shows that she'll get a bad edit (probably)but at least will have personality...

The only two things that was a major disappointment was the fact that this entire episode seemed "forced". I can't put my finger on it, but I think Tyra's head has swollen to the size of her thighs that she tried to do too much and it came off very fake to me.

And was I the only one who was saddened when the 13 girls were called and NONE of these bitches were stupid or clumsy enough to fall in the pool below the walkway towards Tyra? Damn... oh wait, Jael did that last cycle - can't have that twice in a row, now, can we? :(

Looking forward to Monday Rich!!! :)


I'm stoked that the show is back, but I might be even more stoked about your weekly reviews. How great was the season premier? There were so many times that I felt incredibly embarrassed for the people on the television. They gave new meaning to "Idiot Box."


You gots to have an animation of Ms. Spontaniouse tooting her booty on that runway walk. ;)

Marvita: "People done a lot of bad things to me"
Tyra: "Okay, why don't you talk about that.."

Yeah, I also remember thinking Rich will have a FIELD DAY. Especially after Tyra's entrance.


Ahh, 90% of the fun of watching the show is your recaps! I can barely concentrate on doing other stuff!

So Spontaiouse

OMG I think I shopped a class with Victoria! Unfortunately it was hard and I was lazy and I didn't sign up for it. She is awkward in person but I can see how Tyra would LOVE her.

I was kind of sad that Grace Jones/Marvita didn't get cast. I mean what's more fierce than being homeless in Alaska? Also she even cried fierce.

I am also vaguely pissed about the Asperger's girl. I don't deny she had model potential, but the show is about mocking dumb bitches not actually finding America's Next Top Model. Heather should pursue her modeling career away from the evil cameras and non-unionized writers. It was pretty awful the way the show set her up as another stupid bitch saying stupider things so we could get a few laughs out of her before we find out she has Asperger's. I am worried they will cut her saying awkward things and play them for laughs. From my experience with people with Asperger's when they say awkward things you can tell yourself you are laughing with them, but you are laughing at them and thats kind of horrible and to put her on ANTM is borderline exploitative.

Finally did anyone feel like some parts of this episode were like Flavor of Love complete with the ridiculous names? I mean I know its a fine damn line, but I like that ANTM flirts with that edge without crossing it.


I am so glad it's back, and gladder that your recaps will be back. My husband waltzed in with some food while I had antm on, found the humor, and I said "please read fourfour's recaps, you will be instantly hooked on this show". You sure have a lot to go on with this episode.
Rooted for the mild-mohawk chick - til she was gone - why? why? Her bone structure was amazing, she should model no doubt - off this show.
Now rooting for the hunchback/autistic chick (yes I agree if she's there for producer jokes it's just wrong), and the stripper, I mean, dancer with bikini.
I can wait for the jokes on Yale girl - it's just wrong, wrong!! You know they're going to make her look stupid - and hi, with beauty and a brain, what's the need to model, and worse, go on a national tv reality show? It's just odd. Meanwhile, she's pretty characteristic looking.
Again, can't wait for the recaps - they bring out the best of antm.


Well if they are exploiting models that suffer from stupidity, why not exploit models that suffer from Asperger's too?

Ah, man, I cannot wait.. This cycle looks to be fun. I'm loving me some Heather, Lisa, and Sarah so far (Sarah could stand to tone up, though), and Janet's intro was fun! I kind of hope someone on YouTube mnakes an ANTM montage of ass-slapping to Smack That and has Janet bookending the whole thing.

And to Steve Ambrason... (aka 9/21 5:57 PM):

"but three of my four "favorites" were the last three called (sigh)..."

You know what, though? CariDee, Jaslene, and Eva were all called very late in their casting episodes, and they won. Only Danielle, Nicole, and Naime were called earlier (Nicole was called four-from-the-last, though, and in cycle 4, Tiffany was called last and it can be argued that Tyra wanted her to win). So chin up! There's hope for those last three! Well, Heather and Lisa, anyway. And since Lisa's name ends with a vowel, I can only hope she'll win (but Heather would be fine too, as the first non-vowel-name-ending winner).

Many Nerds won't be returning. Some old timers I remember from last year, people like Trenchcoat Mafia, Silk Dragon Shirt, probably won't be coming back next year.
Spamming blogs I put their names up, immortalizing them, if only until the blog owner erases everything::::
1. Trenchcoat Mafia
2. Silk Dragon Shirt
3. Piano Case Coffin
4. The Distinguished English Gentleman
5. The Haggard English Gentleman
6. Beta Nerd, and of course
7. Rosie The Transsexual
Rosie's original name was just Rosie, due to his rosie cheeks. They shared he has a high level of knowledge, a tactic the gods employ to create a false sense of security. This of course is the segment which they dump so many transsexuals into.
I too enjoy irony, and therefore Rosie has now become Rosie The Transsexual.
Who else has a nickname in the NerdRoom?

I'd like to remind you many of the people in the NerdRoom are good men. I hope this is reflected in what they are allowed to learn and the progress they're allowed to make.
I'd also like to remind you their predecessors, REAL nerds from a generation ago who fill the computer swap meet, are WONDERFUL men, and since I likely won't be going again I want to remember them as well.

Actually the comparison of the two is a testiment to the devolution of society which will be used as justification for the Apocalypse:::
Today's nerds are NOT wonderful men. They grew up with the internet and many consider pornography as an acceptable vice. They gamble freely, enjoy evil imagry in video games and engage in sexual pursuits their predicessors never did.
This issue is a microcosim of our deterioration.



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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