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How hilarious is it that we all coming zipping over to see what Rich has to say, even though we *know* it isn't yet recap day! And I am so glad that I was not the only person wondering what Rich would have to say while I was watching the premiere. My money is on Aspergers, btw.


I didn't even THINK that was Tyra Banks when she came sashaying out in her headdress....I thought they had started the whole Drag Queen Grooming business early, and it was a femal impersonator "doing" Tyra. much to say. I thought the blindfolded girls were going to get kidnapped and disappear, like that girl on Spring Break they never found.

One question for Tyra I can't resist putting out there: Since when are pole dancers "role models"?????


Can anyone explain what was wrong with Mila's boobs? Here's why Mila doesn't ever cry: She's actually an alien.
I have dubbed Heather "Quasi-Model" because I felt bad calling her just Quasimodo because of the whole Hunchback thing. Quasi-Model it is!


did you see some of the girls in the current issue of Radar magazine? Here's the URL:


Cannot wait! Woohoo!

Also, isn't it amazing how Tyra has transformed into RuPaul? That's so fierce.

Lindsay (not Lohan)

Dammit Tyra, WHY didn't you choose Spontaniouse? I was so hoping that Spontaniouse would have been the new Skenecia. *sigh*


Am I the only one who thinks Mila is butt ugly?? I was like GAT DAYUM!!!


So glad Spontaniouse was not selected, if only for the fact that she spelled the damn word wrong! And please don't tell me it's an alternate version of the word.

I refuse to have any favorites, because they always get the chop. So glad to see, however, that Tyra, despite telling Eva the Diva of Cycle 3 that she was tired of casting the Black Bitch, cast a black bitch. Seriously, who has the guts to suggest playing a game, "Guess who's anorexic?" Oh, and casting a so-called Plus Size Model who Doesn't Stand A Chance in Hell! Why she persists is beyond me. Although this woman already has more personality than Whitney and Diane combined. Never more than Toccara Jones, though - nobody will ever be that fierce.

Welcome back, Rich. Without your wit, I was forced to spend the Dry Spell between Cycles watching foreign versions of Top Model on You Tube!


The "Tyra-doing-vegas-showgirl" act on the boat was really bad. I mean, come on Tyra. That's bad tv. And she TOTALLY ripped on kristen mcmenamy so bad! I loved it!


bitch your only job is to watch antm, make witty comments and screen grabs, and feed winston. nothing else. get your priorities in line.


omg, I await the recap more excitedly than I awaited the actual show. as others have said, all throughout I thought to myself, "RICH IS GOING TO HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH THIS!!" The ticky tacky weird red showgirl outfit! The singing! The sausage thighs! The nude pantyhose! The faux kitty kat waxing in Miss Jay's face!! I think Mr. Jay is starting to believe this whole show may be beneath him.



Yes...And I hope we'll get an explaination of Ass-Burger Syndrome. It sounds painful!

PS: Miss Jay is reaching an age where she should avoid horizontal stripes, especially while sitting.


When she came out in that headdress (and I could already envision the gif it would inspire), I thought: Thank God for Tyra Banks!


First of all, I'm probably one of the few who absolutely hated Dune. I was dragged to see it by a couple of friends, and yes, I'm still pissed about it. On to the show; Tyra in her showgirl outfit wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't wearing those very shiny pantyhose that just emphasized her ample thighs, ick! So glad orange-headed Spontaneious didn't make the cut. I wish Marvita and Jennifer from Boston had been cast. Victoria is the definition of horsey. Sara and Janet are filler. Ebony is a brat and not photogenic. The rest I'm still deciding on.


OK...if Tyra lost 30 lbs (as had been the gossip shortly after last cycle ended), then...

1.) This cycle (or this portion, anyway) was filmed before that happened, or...

2.) She found her 30 lbs, along with their friend +10 lbs, shortly thereafter.

Great start though. I too forget how much I love this show between cycles.

Can't wait for Monday!!!


am i the only one who completely fell in love with Janet on the simple fact that she gave Tyra a good hard smack on the ass?

also, sylvia was totally robbed. she was so much better looking then ebony or jenah. or most of the other girls who made it for that matter.

finding the filth

omg - the bikini wax make-believe, tyra ass-up on the judging table, manipulating tears out of molested girls, backstabbing bitches at sea, tyra cabaret (!), assburgers (!!) ... this episode had it all.

i am so happy to have new tyra in my life!

Gretchen Weiners

Spontaniouse Brown. Think she knows Wholahay?


the show confirmed my feelings of Jaslene, nothings changed
she still looks TERRIBLE!!!


Rich, please do something with Tyra and the Js' "high fashion ass whupping" comment while narrowing down the field. That made me spit orange juice.


I just couldn't believe how early the crying started! And we already have a bitch, and an illness! @ actually if you count girl with eye hemmorage...but she didnt make the final cut did she?

I LOVE this show!


In honor of Rhianna- and far too many girls this cycle, can the title of your recap please be "Shut Up and Fug"?


It looks like this season they're going with freakiness instead of beauty, as in other seasons, with the exception of Ebony who is so obviously this season's winner.


Oh wow, im so in love with mildly-autistic hunchback girl. and the bikini dancer.


Re: Alia -- Do you have a link to the version of that clip with sound?

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