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bob smith

oh ricardo, i agree with you completely. i think its disturbing how this former boy band WIGGABOI now has some sort of street cred. he is HORRIBLE. and im sorry to bring wigger into this but im at a loss for words.
what really started pissing me off about this boy is how he did janet wrong. and then started talking ish about price?
i just simply cannot stand this cracker ass ass bitch.
and im half cracker. ugh

bob smith

....and gay.

bob smith


bob smith

have a blessed day



My three favourite JT anecdotes:

1. Reading somewhere on the internet a few years ago that JT has "mom hair".

2. Reading an interview with JT (probably the worst, most idiotic, douchey interview I have ever read since a Rolling Stone feature on Gwen Stefani back in the No Doubt days. That woman is a fucking idiot, how come nobody talks about that?) in which he said that if he were a basketball player, he would want to be called "white chocolate".

3. When Prince got pissy that JT thought he was "bringing sexy back". Uh, it never went anywhere asshole.


Seriously, I would really like to know if he can play those instruments. If not, he should be hung by the tallest yardarm. And since when do all these drama queen pussies get all the ass? In my high school they would be mocked until they were back in the closet. Speaking of closets, how many times does a straight guy change in the middle of a concert? Um, ZERO. Diamond David Lee Roth would be ashamed to call himself a frontman after seeing this crap. Oh, and regarding Janet and nipplegate, the f-ing song says "I'll have you naked by the end of this song..." so he was complicit and a liar. THIS GUY IS A TOOL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.


I propose a 3-some w/Rich, Moss & myself!


but I think I am worthy only to serve Rich plus I'm not equipped with the right kind of sticky-outy parts


RETCH! His face is big-time busted. He is beyond busted!


Well, in a way, since he was so young when he got famous, and spent so much time with the other members of nsync, he may in fact have been raised by '80s-movie frat boys. I think you've got it on the nose there, Rich.


Thank you so much for this awesomely horrible compilation.

I will never understand how a man who looks and sounds like a 14 year-old boy ever became a "sex symbol".

Maybe you should make a clip video out of douche-y moments from his videos. One comes to mind right away: In that "senorita" song, there is this part when he smacks a girl's ass, but in the most tentative, girlish way.


I actually think his songs are vaguely entertaining. "My Love" was undeniably one of the best singles of the year. My problem with this assbag is that his ego is way way WAAAAAAY bigger than what his talent merits it to be. It's ridiculous. He thinks he's some fuckin' music messiah when all he really is is a corny white boy with a high voice and good producers.


Wow, I never knew JT was such a douche...I sort of just ignored him, but holy crap! DOUCHE DOUCHE DOUCHE!!!


He's a popular entertainer. He could be so, so, so much worse.


Pasty & vile.


Ugh. This douche has more money than God *and* he'll probably be considered the Sinatra of the 00's twenty years from now.


i don't know what you guys are talking about!

sure, it's forced to drink shots of tequila with the band & talk about how much you love drinking, & yes, there is much much much that is lame about his demeanor.

the non-ballady tunes are hot, & really, he's so totally awesome, & this is coming from a straight, 32-year old man.


I am soo sickened now.


You mentioned the guitar-wielding portion of the montage as being questionable. Upon a more careful listen it seems as though there are sounds associated with his strums. The problem lies in the fact that they are merely sounds and not actual chords. Though this does lend some "live" cred to this fart show, the damned thing is being run through a vast array of effects to mask any actual notes played or lack of rythm precision. Jonny Greenwood or anyone else proficient wiht a guitar this is art. From this douchebag, no. A crafty transformation from a reputable instrument into a "look I can play guitar too" prop. Come on Justin, where is your sousaphone and, for that matter, a washtub bass would be sweet, asshole. An audience member landing a laser-guided turd on the strings without him touching it would produce the same sound the audience heard when he was "strumming" it. Sadly I was absent at this one. This asshole totally needs more money. Let's all line up and buy our tickets.



SO I actually went to this concert last night while he was in vancouver, and it was one of the best live shows I've seen.

You can rag all you want on him but it won't change the fact that pretty much everyone likes his music, and isn't that what it's suposed to be about? The music? Excuse me if I ignore ego over something I enjoy listening to, something that is marginally original in a cast of cloned beats.

Some people are dicks, big fucking deal. Pretty sure you calling him out on every one of his traits that you find makes him an asshole also puts you in that category.

Labia Minora-Majora

I would SOOOO suck his c*ck! Yummerz! :)


Ha-ha, I saved myself the suffering and didn't watch his concert, a.k.a. his masturbatory love letter to himself! In your FACE, Rich!


"Justin Timberlake, Douchebag"

um, i hope you're not just realizing this NOW...

i've known for YEARS. fell for his 'tarded ass till he dropped janet quicker than he drops his black-cent at the grammy's. fucking prick.

white-bred justin is nothing without his BLACK producers. that is all.

oh and so typical.


Dude, you misspelled "dichotomy." It's actually "doucheotomy." I would have also accepted the alternate spelling "dickotomy" which is the British version of the word.


Even the so-called "click" languages have a form of "douche." In Zulu, for example, JT is described as "siki-click-click-unguh-click," which translates roughly to, "Douchey villager who gets left outside as bait for lions."


"I'm so cool, I hate all things pop! JT has done something very few people have done. He has cred in the hip hop scene,"

WTH are you smoking? JT doesn't have cred in the Hip Hop scene his ass is still out there for flaking on Janet and biting on Usher's style. Timbo will work with anyone (remember Brit) so that's not a valid example of having "hip hop" cred.

I could care less either way about JT. I didn't buy any of his CDs with NSYNK or solo. The only thing that bothered me about the video was when a guy on stage came to take a tray and JT said "Get that out of my face." At first I wasn't sure if that's what he said so I went back to hear it again and that's exactly what he said. A lot of stars are rude, wack and fake but to see him say that while on stage by a mic is crazy. Now I do care but I don't like what I see.

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