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September 06, 2007



geez rich! you really tore into her! i can understand your frustration, mine stems from when i first read the name of the song i assumed fergie did a cover of the old connie francis??? song that i forgot all the lyrics too. you have however justified your argument. i had issues with this song because of the same reasoning, it is about him, not her. nothing to do with you, so you leave a super sexy milo ventimiglia because of yourself?




Personally, I love when you're hatin'. It soothes the soul.

I never got her, but at the ripe old age of 36, I don't get many of the current popular music. Did popular music in the 80-90's suck this much to people in their 30's? Did they look at Madonna and go, "What's the big deal about that?" I can't believe that's so.

Anyhoo, the best Fergie is her duet on Kids Incorporated singing "Say You, Say Me" while a pervy, certainly evil clown mugs like shit in the background. Seriously, seach for it on YouTube and dig the way Ferg ephetically sings "Say it TWO-GEH-DAH....naturally..." with her big 'ol 80's hair and lip gloss.

Ed Gonzalez

Rich: Yeah, the song is an abomination, but you may be able to tolerate if you put your South Park face on. Just squeal "Blanket!" in your best Michael Jackson impersonation whenever Fergie gets to the "child misses their blanket" part. At least ruin it for everyone you know, like I have.


I have to admit, the first time I heard the beginning of this song I thought to myself, "Hmmm. This isn't terrible. Something is on the RADIO that isn't terrible! Hell must be freezing over". Then I heard the line "like a child misses their blanket", and thought, "Aaah, way to fuck it up with a TOTALLY ASININE lyric."
God, I hate this song with the fire of a thousand suns.


The part that annoys me the most is "I'm going to miss you like a child misses it's blanket". I have no idea why that line is in the song, and it drives me nuts. I can't change the station quick enough when that song comes on.

miss christy

Ugh, she first started to annoy me when she spelled the word tasty wrong in "Fergalicious" multiple times, then i got to hear trashy redneck girls everywhere singing along to "Glamorous" (as if!), but "Big Girls Don't Cry" definitely takes the cake for most cloying Fergie song to date. Thank you for tearing it a new one!!!


Jesus! With the level of gaseous vitriol and vebose hyperbole you spew in these 8 paragraphs ... one would think you were talking about something important.

It's a pop song. It's a piece 'o shit. 'nuff said.

It's not like she wrote it ... words or music. She's a puppet. She pees her pants.


all my friends like fergie....EXCEPT me...i cant stand the bitch...i hate i repeat HATE this song...especially the dumb ass blanket part...and whats up with her fucking little ass hat...cant stand the bitch...finally people who agree with me...thanks rich

The General

I hate her so much. She stirs all the evil in my soul and I think she's the cause of my acid reflux. She's one of the worst things to ever happen. Just ever.


Aww...poor Fergie-Ferg.

I actually semi-liked this song when her album was released. Now it's overplayed though, and I sort of loathe it.

I love "Mary Jane Shoes" and "Wake Up" though!

And p.s...has anybody heard 50 Cent's take on "London Bridge"? It's all kinds of nasty and wrong...


fergie looks good with that X on her face :O


I remember my huge "WTF?!?!" moment when I found out that Fergie was Stacy from "Kids Incorporated." Yeah, she's famous now, but I'm really disappointed that she turned into such a skank.


ugh, i hate fergie ferg. every song. every single word that comes out of her mouth, and hell, the occasional thought that must cross her mind, is TERRIBLE.

i truly enjoy how she sings about her hottness in every single effing song. and by enjoy and i mean my gag reflex gets a good work-out. honestly, if you are hot, you just don't have to go around announcing it.

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She's so, so ugly.

What the fuck are you so angry for?

This didn't sound like you at all.


strangely addictive, and WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than that fucking umbrella ella ella song. god, i would puncture my eardrums if i had to hear it ever again.

wish I grew up with PiL listening lil' jon instead

Guess what? I had to actually grow up with the transvestite!! She was grossly obnoxious as well as her mother in those days.... Hanging out with cholos in East La? Um, no. She was on the goodship lollypop, living the dream mommy wanted to live on kids incraporated!! I thought that I was finally rid of her, when 10 years down the line, a workin lacky at a recording studio, she appeared forced upon the black eyed peas by their recording company. They actually were kinda (im being nice) ok before this.
Oh what am I trying to say? Well damnit, thanks Rich, with all my grammatical and spelling errors, you did what I could'nt. And thats basically trashing the tacky botoxed toff from whittier (no place shittier). Good taste will prevail, and she'll be erased from history for good. Lets hope that in retrospect, a kid in 2020 will pick up a M.I.A album and not the vomit that is this trite career.


I think your venom is beautiful though I don't know if I'd go as far as to claim its the worst song ever, or even of the year.

Fuck Avril Lavigne. Fuck "Girlfriend". Fuck them both right in the ear.


i've been able to forgive Fergie previously for lame lyrics and faux-posturing because at least the beats were hot... lose the beats and this poser has no appeal.

Mark Oshiro

I used to think "Girlfriend" was worse.

Clearly, i was wrong.

Mark Oshiro

I used to think "Girlfriend" was worse.

Clearly, i was wrong.


Clever disguise, "PiL" -- I know that's really you, Martika!

My favorite KIDS INC. memory is of Fergadork changing the "Saving All My Love for You" lyrics to "we'll be holding hands the whole night throoOOough..." Is it any wonder she's such a cock-crazed hoochie mama now?

And as awful as "Big Girls" is, I still contend that "Glamorous" is worse.


THANK YOU. that song makes me want to stab myself in the face. I nearly crash my car every 3 seconds scrabbling to change the station when it comes on. And WHY is it on all the hip hop stations? it's a motherfucking horrible BALLAD.


Children and their blankets, right???

::Shakes head and laughs::

Children and blankets!

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