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September 29, 2007




haha first


hahaha that was amazing!


I have just about died laughing. MAAAAARIAAAAAAAGE! She sounded like that lady from All in the Family.

Queen Lena

omggg that's the exact response that I give, hahahahahahha


I LOVVVEEEEEE that sooooo much!!!!
Marriage, hell to the no.


She sounds exactly like my grandmother when confronted with her greatest fear, suede boots and/or gloves. "SUEEEDE? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?"


AHAHAH! The way she says it is just classic.


she seemed a little outta it!! see for yourself!!


Messalina 6-5000

AHAHAHAHAHA! As advertised. Pharmeceutical grade amazing.




omg. she's so great. love.


I will love you for all eternity (okay not much of an offer, b/c I already DO) if you make this into an mp3 or whatever it is you do to make it into a ringtone. PLEASE?!

Lisette in L.A.

Oh, it gets better. Peep the FULL howl.


Coyote's ain't got SHIT on her.


OMG! What a screech!

Joe Marrazzo

She's hot - been through a shitload in her life - one of which was a brain tumor! - and still rocks the bling. Plus, she was there for AIDS and homo-love well before it was cool. So - RESPECT. Still, that was some screech. Is she on something or just dotty? Her boyfriend is clearly for men only, which is how Liz clearly likes it these days. What late age dame doesn't? No sex to bother with and they dress you decently. ET is just shameless.


oh my GOD, i want to watch "Marriage??? NOOOOOO!!" on a loop forever and ever!

Brandon H

She totally channelled Gollum in the extra soundbites when she said marriage! (Sigh) Crazy old broad!


I have nothing but love for that broad. She's my favorite old Hollywood star, my favorite actress, and man, she's a survivor. These clips are hilarious.


Awesomesauce. I was just trying to watch this on some other busted ass site, thinking, "If this is any good, I'ma send this to Rich." AND here it be.


this must have been her shtick of the night



Oh, thank god you posted this. I showed it to all my friends yesterday, so I'm glad that you agree this this is the best thing that ever happened in the history of things happening!


I saw this and thought of you, Rich. How hilarious is that. I'd hoped you had seen it too. Arrrrrooooooo!


Thank God you confirmed this happened. I was watching this at home sick with this weird kind of flu that made me feel all spacey and completely LOST it when I saw this.

finding the filth


Red Ranger

Oh my Golly.. who the heck talks like that. And I wish they continued the scene 'cuz I wanted to see the reporter's reaction.

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