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Jackie B.

This stupidity is a great example of why today needs to be a holiday. Completely tasteless. How soon we forget. Thank you for pointing out that they both suck. I hope Kenny Chesney wins.


50 sucks for selling out and making a song with justin timerlake (sooo gangsta)and kanye's diva bitching gets in the way of his decent music. i'm buying 20 copies of kenny chesney's cd


Say, if someone took a brick to each of their hyper-inflated craniums, this whole self-serving celebrity carnival would end in a draw, wouldn't it?

Just a thought.


Kanye West is a disgrace to the black race. If ONLY he'd been white - if ONLY. We'd have him dancing around crying about being a CRACKERASSCRACKER and that Colin Powell was planted in the White House to ultimately undo the Arian Race. can only wish. Now FITTY - I like. I hate that he's gotten himself involved in this thing - but I do believe he sincerely cringes every time Kanye opens his mouth to represent the black race. So that makes me feel better. ah.

be right back

Make out! Make out! MAKE OUT!!

If they're two assholes, is the emoticon version of the picture you posted ))<=>((, à la Miranda July?

'Cause that's all I'm seeing up there now.


I like Kanye's music. Late Registration stayed in heavy rotation for several months in my car. I'm sure I'll be picking up Graduation. At least Kanye's consistent. He's been ego-tripping since his debut.

The Kanye/50 thing is obviously just marketing. I just ignore it and move on.


loved the Kang and Kodos reference


They just need to hit, down-low style but on PPV. Seriously-is there a way we can get them both to retire from their careers?


Toooooooooootally unrelated, someone's nipping at your heels, Tyra-wise. Lawd have mercy


This unrelated, but I really expected your "My Hero" section to be a photo of Midget Mac. Just sayin'.


My bf says when 50 Cent smiles he looks like Donkey from Shrek. Anyone else see it?


@ Leanne

Mmm-hmm, yeah.


how about 50's shaped up pubes in the liner notes???

im suprised thats not the only thing talked about today.


They are probably both on DL.

Zach Retox

meh, I bought Kanye's album today, fucking sue me.

Henry Evil

Kanye calling his horse shit "the future of rap music" worries me that he'll guest star on this fall's Top Model to tie in with Tyra's "future of fashion" theme.



Is anyone else annoyed that they did this on September 11th? Take the day off from being a douche, especially Mr. "I Run New York" Jackson.


Love Kanye until he starts talking, then I just want to slap the crybaby out of him! I sincerely believe he is the product of not enough whoopin's growing up.

That being stated, I not only bought Kanye's album, I pre-ordered it! I find him to be the lesser of two evils and if buying Kanye's album helps 50's star to shine a little more dimly sign me up for 100! That and his first 2 albums were the ish!


go animal collective!!!! their album comes out today..a better purchase than either of these if you intend to buy an album


Did anyone see the video of Kanye freaking out backstage at the VMA's for not winning? What a tool. The VMA's gave me Kanye O.D.


Thanks for summing up that whole mess in an eloquent manner. All I did was mutter "Oh my hell" when I got the RS issue in the mail; then I actually attempted to read the damn thing. I got as far as the part about how super-awesome it was of these two super-awesome superstars to ACTUALLY POSE TOGETHER when I realized around midnight what anniversary was dawning and I threw that shit in the trash.


Ugh, I hope 50 does retire. He's such a hypocrite, calling out Ja Rule for making "bitch music" with Ashanti when he did the same thing a few years later with "Best Friend," among others. However, I do have to say that I don't find either of them to be as loathsome as The Game (though I guess that would make both 50 and Kanye guilty by association. Seriously, there is no song that enrages me more than "Wouldn't Get Far," but that's another topic...)

As others have commented, I find Kanye to be the lesser or two evils, mainly because he seems less misogynistic. Then again, I don't own any of his albums, so perhaps I'm wrong to make this assumption. Either way, they're both ridiculous and disgusting, especially when talking about all their fucking money, but Kanye appears to be at least a little introspective, and he doesn't continually rap about his car wreck. Meanwhile, 50 still raps about being shot - not once, not twice, but nine times, just in case you've forgotten.

And to whoever said 50 looks like Donkey from Shrek when he smiles - I couldn't agree more!


Off topic, but holy shit, Paul Carrigan. He makes me moist like a snack cake.


^^ Off topic, but thanks for naming that porn star over in the my hero section. I knew the face, but I forgot the name.


God, what egotistical assholes. As if it wasn't bad enough that they're having a mock election, they deliberately put it on a day that they wanted to divert all attention from a national tragedy to them. Disgraceful.

Who is Paul Carrigan, btw?

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