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Mark O.

Greatest .gif post ever.

Thank you, Rich.


like everyone else here, i cant wait for tonight! but most of all, i cant wait until monday when you post about it. thats always the best part =)


ANDDD, you brought back JADE. Wow, you complete me haha.


Rich and all ANTM lovers! Radar Online managed to corral some of hamsters from seasons past for a cute little retrospective that is in some ways better than the photo shoots they actually did on the show.

Who works as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant and who delivers pizzas? Find out for yourselves!

P.S.: I love your blog and your kitties Rich. I've been reading your Rock of Love blog on Celebreality, great work. Awesome to see you've been able to bring home some bacon with this gig!


ZOMG! I love these. Animated Tyra gifs rock! And loves me some Jade! She was so whack.

Leftover lady
let alone the strongest to be subdued
if I only had the magic key
that would unlock the realms
to the plateau of the highest me
even though I’ve been badly bruised
living in a house
to become a popular muse.


Oh my God!!!! I have been laying in a dormant state for months waiting for the return of ANTM and your recaps. And it´s finally here. I cannot believe that within 24 hours, my life can begin again. It is so hard to go those 4 months or so in a hibernating vegetative state while the planets line back up and create the perfection that is ANTM. Thank you Rich for being here to help me make sense of this celestial phenomenon that only takes place twice a year.

If The CW ever cancels this show (God forbid), I only hope that the people attending my funeral will bring their fake hair weaves and crazy Tyra eyes to celebrate me as I deserve to be celebrated.


Can't wait. I'm new to posting here, but check the blog semi-regularly ... being an ANTM Brooklyn homo and all. Thanks for all the great re-caps!
We're playing ANTM Bingo tonight and making Tyratkes (Tyra-inspired potato pancakes)... let me know if y'alls want the recipe / bingo boards!


That very first Tyra gif is made so much better by Nigel in the background, uncomfortably looking away.


honestly, the tyra gif compliation is the best art i have seen in a really long time. if that was in a gallery, i would buy it, and hang it in my house and stare at it every day. i wish it was for sale, it is so fabulous!

seriously, if you work out a way to make that full scale video art, i will buy that shit. and i freaking HATE video art above all other bad art. but this is so good!


Thanks for the animated entertainment!


Wow that actually made me miss Natasha. I hope she ends up on a VH1 reality show.


My fantasy league thusfar is Chantal, Heather, and Ambreal. And Rich, you're gonna be getting a lot of link from BuzzPatrol this season!!

finding the filth

memories.... like the corners of natasha's mind....

im watching the E! true hollywood story about ANTM right now. youve made me a top model geek. and i love you for it!


<3 JADE. <3 RICH.


Man, I am so looking forward to seeing what you've got to say about this show. You're an inspiration to TV critics and fashion bitches everywhere.


You know, I often fast forward through Tyra's insanity. She makes me very uncomfortable with her cupie doll eyes and her over annunciation, but I think you may have just changed my mind.


Wow. That's a whole lotta Ty Ty.

I wonder if you took some LSD what these .gifs would be like???


Miss Jay can move her eyes independently of one another? Check it out?

FourFour, je t'aime.


I hope you are going to comment on this girl calling aspberger's 'ossburgers'...because that's total insanity!


<< Did you know I knew Yoanna? >>

No, I didn't...


("Did you know I knew Yoanna /
A girl with feathers in her hair...")

Maybe we can write songs -- or haikus -- about the girls this cycle. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, I'm there! (With feathers in my hair.)


in the east coast ANTM is already on, i have to wait two more hours :(

damn, watching the second row of the non-tyra section made me laugh so hard i got whiplash.. oh whitelle ...


Oh Rich, I love you so (but not as much as I love teh Winston, it's true) that my first thought at hearing tonight was ANTM premiere was, "YAY!! Rich's ANTM Recap Tomorrow!!!" *sigh* it's been too long.

Arthur James

It feels so good to be back! :-)


I'm so disappointed that the "1st episode" was only one hour. I already knew who the final 13 were. I feel so used by the CW.

It was as if it was all a scam to try to get me to watch that pussy ass Gossip Girl show. I didn't give in though.




I actually did go an floss my teeth, and DAMN, how can there be a popcorn skin in there and I didn't eat popcorn for like 3 days.

LOL. Kidding. But I really did floss.

Muchisimos gracias for the Wall of Tyra.

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