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All day I was thinking, "Yes! Fucking Top Model is back tonight and I am pissing myself with excietment even though Tyra will annoy me in the first 15 minutes." (and wasn't I wildly over-optimistic in that estimate? It only took 8 minutes for that musical number to emerge in all its ear-shattering fierceness.) But half the reason I'm excited is just so I can read your recaps. Top Model without you, Rich my gay pretend boyfriend, is like being a crackhead without a dirty pop can to smoke my rock in.

I only know about crackhead/pop can thing because of HBO documentaries. Just one more fetish we share.


Rich, you are going to have a field day with anybody named SPONTANIOUSE. For real!


Loves it! Tyra is so weirdly irritating, why do I love ANTM so much!?! Thanks for bringing back those twirling, swirl twins! I can't wait for the re-cap...


So, I just watched the first episode, and all I could think was..."Really? Did that really just happen?" It's just....there are no words. I can't wait to see it edited, shaped and mocked by your awesome post. I've also been reading your Rock of Love coverage, and I love it. Seriously, almost better than the actual show. Because Bret's eager stupidity makes me a little uncomfortable.


I know trying to pick a favorite tyra gif is like trying to catch a rainbow but for serious, left hand column, fourth one down, strapless silver dress, the finger, the tongue? Oh shit that made me laugh as hard as seeing the name "Spontaniouse" spelled out on screen tonight did.


i love you.

Brandon H

The Whitney crying clip will always be my favorite. It's like she's about to vomit up another person and is holding it down.


I lurve you!

When I watched the show tonight I kept thinking, "That's what I love about high school girls. I get older and they stay the same age."

I saw a lot of comedy and very little fashion.




most hilarious thing ever. love it.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The Tyra gifs are fantastic and are a great way to start the day.
It's the heartiest laugh I've had in months.
Rich, you're a genius.


This has to be must fave post yet ... you are a genius!!!


OY, can you hear it? The noises coming from all those clips would make a dog howl! As far as the new crop goes, I think Mila's going to make my head esplode.

Miss Lisa

Ha Haaaah. Tyra was born to be an animated gif. That's awesome.


No, Micklet, it's Spontaniouse. That's actually how the girl on ANTM - or actually her parents - spelled it! I was so bummed that she didn't make it!


Oh this made my week! My favorite is last one in the second row, for some reason I look at that one and think she might be making a sound like "farf,farf,farf,farf." which is similar sounding to the elderly pug in my neighborhood when he barks.


do you mind if i use one of your gifs someday?


Funniest thing I've seen in a long time!!

What about that Tyra gif from last cycle, when she was in that hilarious kangaroo costume?

That deserves some recognition as well.


Bwahhh ha ha ha haaa!
I'm at work, I'm shaking with silent laughter, I just snorted Diet Pepsi out through my nose, and the woman who sits next to me (we're friends, thankfully) is looking...well...the way I look at Tyra in these gifs. Sort of a combination of amused, appalled, shocked, inquistive, and terrified...

I love/hate/love you. This made my day!

A few things that will never, EVER get old:

- The gif of Whitney "blubbering". That was a divine gif(t) from the heavens...and there are just no words...

- Natasha. I will forever miss and love her, because there's not a chance in HELL that we'll ever get another one who's nearly as entertaining as she was every week.

- Tyra's insane ability to contort her face as if it were made of silly-putty or play-doh. Seriously. People can talk shit about her all they want...but you know that botox has never come anywhere near that woman's face! (The one that is top/center is my absolute favorite, btw.)


Wow, god, that's too much tyra. Conniption fit inducing. I had to scroll up and watch the "quizat haderach" kid over and over as a brain cleanser. Ah, better now.

Monica C.

OK,all those Tyra .gifs were too Fanstasia (Disney, not Barrino)-like for me. FREAKY!

And I was going to be so sad about your non-Tyra moments until I saw that you included a scene from my most favorite ANTM moment, ever: Jade and the infamous, "Hey girl!" I knew you wouldn't forget!!!!!!!!! :)


All I have to say is: That. Was. So. Awesome. All my favorite moments and favorite scary Tyra faces in one place!


this is like one giant antm/tyra orgasm. omg AMAZING. you are my favorite person in the world. and i cannot wait for you to talk about a girl named SPONTANIOUSE.


OH lord. It done be ANTM time yet again! woot!
Thank you for posting all the GIFs. Tyra is the new Carrot Top.


Wait a minute... hold the phone... the animated gif of Danielle (Dani) damn near falling off the runway in them high heels did NOT make your montage????? I may just have to take this blog off of my favorites.

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