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September 13, 2007



OMG, Winston's Totoroness just kills me!


He looks like Sara with those crazy tics!

Still adorable, though.



I feel if I lived with it, that may undermine his cuteness, but since I don't ... it just seems adorable! From the violent repetitive sneezes to the crazy-long string of meows in the hallway, even to his emo-ness at the end. .. Oh, Winston.

PS, Rich, in case no one has mentioned it to you lately, you're so fantastic. =)


Winnie even SNEEZES cute!

Ms. Pants

His mouth opens up like a marionette! Like someone's pulling a little Winny string!

I'm going to have to play this for Phoebe tonight when I get home. She's a loud little bugger (likes to "chat") and this will probably freak her the eff out.

Ms. Pants

(Fave bit: the purr rumble as he necks out towards a hunk of cheese.)


my cats came running in the room while I was listening to that and started to search the place for the cat making that noise.


when i was in highschool this lady on the bus meowd just like that through out the entire bus ride, this clip transported me to 2003


Aww...that made me smile.
If I had to hear it every day I'd probably develop some sort of tick (ala Winston's sneezing)...but I don't, so I just think it's fucking cute.

I've decided that all cats are brats though. My friend adopted two about 4 months ago, and they already own everything in her apartment. She's just their live-in chef/servant...


My cat does the same thing...but he's definitely not as cute as Winston.


Oh man, I never liked cats until Winston came around.


Let's not forget the whiny needy baby meows in the middle of the night, to see if you still love him while you're sleeping. Or the crazy howling string of meows because he spotted another cat in the darkness and had to come screaming into the bedroom to tell you about it.

Oh, that was MY cat.


Thanks, Rich! With almost everyone out of the office observing the new year I needed some entertainment.


How is it that I'm making this exact same video with my cat at the exact same time? It can only mean we have the same brain.


DUDES! He looks like the guy in the book "The Five Chinese Brothers" .. the one who could swallow the sea.. when he has the sea all stuffed in his cheeks.



I can't get enough of that wonderful stuff!


Wow, winston's meow is annoying, kinda like scratchy sounding or something! The sneezes were soooooo cute though and the part in the hall where he kept going and going. He really doesnt get tired, does he? ;o


SarahD - I have THREE who ALL do that LOL!

I don't think this undermines the cuteness at ALL. All that personality just makes 'em CUTER ;)

One of mine was the runt of the litter, host of health problems all her life - one of them is she cna't meow properly (or at all as a kitten.) As a result, her meows are more high pitched honks than meows.

AAAAAAAA-dorable. :)

PS - RUDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to get that in....lol


I love kitties, but my ears are bleeding now.
I still love your kitty. He is cute, esp. when he sneezes.


Winston IS the guy from The Five Chinese Brothers who could swallow the sea. Check it out Rich!


my cats came running over too! I wonder if Winston is aware of his celebrity status and in cat language, he's calling together cats everywhere to hatch some evil plan...


Winston looks like a barn owl!!!!


I STILL want to eat his head.

I about cried with laughter during his sneezing fit.

Mark O.

Winston is amazing. I think this is my favorite video yet.


My favorite part was when he rimmed Rudy.

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