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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


Each time I play this clip, my dog gets ROYALLY pissed off. I'd like to think she cares very much about Winston and his comfort and is coming to see what's wrong; but more than likely she's just finding him pretty annoying too.


my himalayan cats are also meow-pests and do so even if they've been fed/watered/scooped/hung out with/played with for way too long. they weren't like this as kittens or even young cats, but now just demand attention literally all the time. was winston always like this, or just later in life?

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I had a similar issue happen to me only it was cyberly. It hurts but like you said everyone seems to go along with it and it is wrong.

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This strikes me as an extended rationalization regarding why this particular book isn't worth the effort.

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How sweet. You two should take one last fun road trip together before he goes to the great highway in the sky.


Hilarious! You're so awesome for making this.

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now you've got me jonesing for some posole. sounds really good, Vivian and looks even better.

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Yup, the assassination simile was perfect. Really enjoyed this, your writing voice is delightful.

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