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September 26, 2007



He so has you trained.


our pandora does the same thing - lay there like a puffy landmass. they are the end result of the domestication of the species.


If that Brittney boi can have his own TV show, I can't help but feel that Winston should have one too... or at least a webcam, where we can tune into watch him ALL DAY LONG


Even Rudy can't stand to watch the shameful display...

Madame M

Wow. Am speechless. My cat is a killer, so it's weird to see such an apathetic little cat. He needs a béret and a copy of Huis Clos.


That kind of attitude belongs in a hospice.


I swear, if every week were Mondays=ANTM recaps and Wednesdays=Winston (and/or Rudy -- love the cameo), I don't know if I could handle the amount of excitement and love. But I'd certainly try. =)


@ Wendy -- what a GREAT idea! Please install a webcam pronto.


i love how pissed off he looks with about ten seconds left. hehehehe. mangy beast! (said in the fondest of tones of course...) you need to submit his ass to catoftheday.com.


My cat is just like this. If she's really into it, she might roll a little bit and bat a paw, but she won't stand up. She's fat, so I tried doing this for a while to exercise her, but it didn't really work.


That's just what my cat does, too. Even if you put the toy right in front of her face, the most you'll get from her is some half-hearted chomping. Cats are so bitchy.


Yay, a Winston post!


He is just too good to play with strings!!

little sister kate

i like how he is mostly trying to just eat the string.... maybe he thought it was SPAGHETTI!


I want to hold his bowling ball head in my hand.

Driver B



He's almost trying hard to humor you.

Miss Windjammer

So weird... this cat doesn't even look real to me! He has the complete appearance of a stuffed animal.

He is awful cute though!


why was rudy taken away like, "no, he can't be in the shot?"


I swear Winston reminds me of Garfield with his "I could give a crap" attitude. It's hi-larious!


It's almost like he's a fluffy wind-up toy. An a-frickin'-dorable wind-up toy, but still...


He's actually lazier than my cat. I didn't think it was possible. On another note, I just spent 15 minutes watching Winston videos. Love.


why exert yourself when you can just wait for it to come within biting range?


I love his flat, little face. So cugly! (cute/ugly).


why was rudy taken away like, "no, he can't be in the shot?"

See, I thought it was more along the lines of "Rudy shouldn't be exposed to such disgraceful behavior." I mean, what if he gets IDEAS? Next thing you know, both cats will refuse to move and will have to be carried from the bed to their food bowls and back again.

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