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October 08, 2007



Thanks Rich! Aren't you glad so far they're getting rid of the girls who actually deserve to get booted? Love that, makes it feel like an actual competition and not a contrived reality show (which I know deep down it is!).


Oh, yeah, I forgot: OMG FIRSTFIRSTFIRST!
Just kidding.

Steve Abramson

At first I thought Kimberly looked like Adrienne, but in one of those top shots, she looks like Cycle 6's Gina... with that not-so-great smile... Hey Kimberly, Gina made the Top TEN, so put that in your ear and smoke it!!!

I so do NOT want to know where Biancunt's left arm is - in the words of James St. James - um eww...

And glad to know that I'm not the only one who can't understand a damn word in those Jaslene commercials... Seriously... they need subtitles!!!

Bravo for all those who voted Heather CGotW!


Ebony has turned me around, I hate Bianca though. Hilarious Recap, Rich!! Keep it up! xxx


i love you.


LOL! Great recap! Bianca is a biatch, but what would ANTM be without drama and catty behavior! Love it.


I love bucktoothed Jenah and self-proclaimed nerd Victoria.

They're too boring right now though. They need to spice it up.

Um, and Kimberly's goodbye speech was horrifying.


Thank you so much for providing an outlet of entertainment during my 8:30 AM Medieval history class.

Although, I had to contain and stifle my laughter as to not ruin the invigorating class discussion about the Godwin family.

I still don't understand the panels' love of Jenah's, her teeth bugged the crap out of me.


Lisa is obviously staying a while, so Tyra can claim at least three times (my money's on five) that modeling is TOTALLY NOT ABOUT waving your cooch at strangers.


Bianca is such a stank bitch, but I will say the thighs comment to Saleisha cracked me up. Mostly because Saleisha's a know-it-all poopy pants like Lisa (i guess it'd be pee-pee pants instead) Rich, I'm surprised no mention was made of those stupid-ass dresses they had to wear during their runway show for that Asian designer. I'm sick of hearing about Assburger and As-purgers from the show. Then they busted out Heather's art as some show that she's Rainwoman? Kimberly was boring and stupid and I'm glad she's gone. Victoria really hates Twiggy. Wuv her!


"Ebony in Gwar", I almost fucking died laughing.


I now remember why I woke up today...because it surely had nothing to do with coming to work.

Hysterical, as always. Team "Ass Burgers"!


you know i have the same hate-love relationship with the pricks of the season. i wish they'd make a "celebrity" antm season with all the witchiest rejects... ahem girls of the cycles. but i'm not sure the world is ready for that...


So far this cycle is pretty lame, but your recaps make it all worth it. I am laughing so hard right now.


Did anyone else see Jaslene modeling Elizabeth's "snoopy fashion creation" on the View? It was hilarious because they introduced her but didn't let her speak... wonder why...


i love the sailor moon eyes on saleisha...
and of course, chantals "original" shot.
you're genious!


The Snoopy dress was heinous as well.


So if it isn't already plainly obvious, according to Victoria, (I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends last week and she was there and then I made a huge ass of myself because I was all OMGOMG, but anyways) basically Tyra and Twiggy mount a campaign to make her look like the evil self-obsessed bitch who needs to be taken down. Also, I don't really think she is long for the show. Which is too bad because she is awesome and not a bitch at all.

I personally have this fantasy where Janice Dickinson comes back and she and Victoria become best friends because they hate Tyra and Twiggy and then they get shitfaced for judges panel and say horrible things about Tyra and Twiggy (perhaps while accidentally spitting in their faces) and how dumb they are and then because Janice is the guest judge she refuses to let Victoria get kicked off.

Also, I mean "sea nymphs on acid"???!?!?!?!?! That was beautiful. Finally someone let Jay know how retarded his questions are. Unfortunately, ANTM is a serious endeavor and Tyra will not tolerate anyone who will make a mockery of her.


Love, love, love you


"...she puts the "bony" in 'Ebony.'"

Awesome! And so true.

Love ya. Without you, this show wouldn't be half as fun.


Victoria? Really?


Oh, and your new banner just reminds me that you are indeed the gayest man on Earth. Like I need reminding.


it's true, tv is no fun without you.
you are a mild form of addiction.


Is Bianca Keyisha Cole's sister?
Not only can I not understand what Jaslene says it really hurts my ears like when a baby screams at Target. I wish I was deaf like her.
You rule.


Also, I have the Wal Mart version of In Utero (you know the one that says "Waif Me" on the back and covers up the va jay jay lilies) and even though they are my favorite band ever I didn't know about the drag queen diddling himself. I'm going to Best Buy after work and buying it.

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